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Your Ultimate Guide Of Where To Buy Baby Boy Clothes

You guys, probably my number one asked question has to be, “Where’d you get that?” And I don’t mean what I’m wearing. It’s always about what Colton is wearing! Hey, I’m 100% ok with that. That’s why I put together this full guide of where to buy baby boy clothes. (And cute ones at that!)

When I found out I was having a boy, I was a little nervous because I had no idea where to get cool little boy clothes. I mean, everywhere has adorable little girls clothing! I set it as my ultimate mission. Now I will preface with, this kid’s closet is out of control. DO YOU EXPECT ANYTHING LESS?! Lol! It all started with a friend handing down a crap ton of amazing clothes. (We’re talking Patagonia jackets and all. I mean Harrison and I don’t even own anything from Patagonia! Thank you Jeanette!) We were then blessed with an absolutely amazing baby shower where lots of people gifted us more adorable clothes. And then on top of that, because I’m psycho and have ZERO constraint when it comes to tiny sized clothing, we’ve built up quite the impressive collection. Seriously, getting him dressed and picking out his outfits is so fun. Plus, he looks freaking adorable in everything which makes it that much more fun.

I debated back and forth how I wanted to format this post…. whether I wanted to break it down to stores or brands. I honestly couldn’t decide so I figured I’d do both! Right now, Colton is 10 weeks and weighing in at almost 11 pounds. He’s in between size newborn and 0-3 months, depending on the brand. Since baby clothes can run so differently, I tried to note how each brand runs in my opinion. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Or, if you have a brand or store that you think I should check out please let me know! I am always looking to discover new fun things for both momma & baby! These brands would probably be great for baby girls too — I’m just spotlighting what I’ve found for Colton 🙂


Mebie Baby – Mebie Baby is one of my favorite places for great quality basics. We have a few of their ribbed one-pieces. (As seen above.) They wash great and run pretty true to size. Mebie Baby also makes adorable crib sheets, quilts, swaddles, bibs, burp clothes, and more!

Kickee Pants – I’m pretty sure we’re Kickee Pants obsessed over here. They are SO FREAKING SOFT. They fit snug but pretty true to size. Stretchy, plus come in so many cute prints too! Minor pills after repeated wear and wash.

Angel Dear – Did I mention we like soft?! Another brand that is so stinking soft! We have a few pieces but they are larger sizes so we haven’t been able to wear yet.

Posh Peanut – I always thought Posh Peanut was only for girls, but turns out they have super cute little boy clothing too!

City Mouse – We are OBSESSED with this brand! City Mouse is such an affordable brand full of cute stuff. Runs pretty true to size and great quality!

Milkbarn – Milkbarn is a line of very distinguishable prints and patterns that are so soft and comfy! They do run very generous.

Burts Bee Baby – One of our favorite new brands! Who knew Burts Bee made baby clothes?! First off, so so so affordable! Great price point, can be found at lots of small and big box stores, and come in lots of super cute prints. They do run small in my opinion. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture, but our family had all out matching Christmas jammies from this brand and we loved them!

Rylee & Cru – One of the most popular children’s lines on the internet currently! Super cute, hipster kids clothing. High price tag, but great quality. They run extremely big.

Quincy Mae – Quincy Mae is Rylee & Cru’s sister line. We really love this line! It seems to run a little less expensive than R&C, and has more of a baby selection.

Tenth & Pine – The cutest onesies around! Soft, loveable onesies with different sayings and doodles. Run true to size! You can see one of them in our baby announcement in this post. 

Kate Quinn – This is a brand I discovered through an Instagram Ad. Kate Quinn designs limited releases of super fun and whimsical prints. The nice part is that it seems there is always a sitewide sale. So much so that I only order when there’s a good deal. Runs a little small, and a little lower quality then those mentioned above but cute overall.

Tea Collection – Tea Collection is a super cute line for both boys and girls! We love their mix and match patterns and prints, plus runs true to size.

Rags (Formally called Rags To Riches) – This company found their claim to fame from Shark Tank and I seriously love these! I personally found these through a mom on Instagram, they are jumper-stlye one pieces. They are designed in the raddest prints, colors, and patterns. We don’t own any yet, but as soon as Colton gets a little bigger I can see him crawling and walking around in these! They also came out with great collabs with Disney, Star Wars and Marvel if your kids are into that!

Kyte Baby– Another brand I can’t tell you how soft it is! Great price, great fit, great quality. Minor pills after repeated wear and wash.

MagneticMe – You guys, have you heard of MagneticMe?!?! Whoever invented these are complete magical geniuses. Say goodbye to snaps, zips, all of those hard late night changes. These are MAGNETIC. We had one that was handed down to us, and we immediately went out and bought more. Super soft too!

Little Sleepies – Little Sleepies are our favorite jam jams! (As Harrison calls them) They are the softest thing ever. Each print comes in zip, two piece, or a swaddle and hat set. They’re a great price, plus I love that they have hand and feet cuffs. Only complaint is that they don’t have more prints! I would buy every single one! They also have a VIP Group on Facebook where you get to find out about new releases first, exclusive sales, and more fun stuff.

Winter Water Factory – This is a brand we’ve been gifted by friends, and they are really thick, great quality one pieces. I love the vintage feel to the designs. They run extremely big though and are on the pricier side.

Lulu and Roo – I found this brand through a lot of influencer moms. I guess I was “influenced” to buy, haha! I can’t note on the sizing, since our first order arrives today actually, however I will say I was impressed with how quickly the order shipped. I snagged this sweatshirt on sale to try out the brand. In love with their clothing and I really hope the quality lives up to the hype! They have lots of great reviews and loyal followers it seems.

Childhoods Clothing – Another brand I discovered through moms on Instagram. I personally haven’t purchased yet, but really really cute stuff! On the pricier end.


Vans – When it comes to baby shoes, there’s nothing cuter then mini Vans! He likes to match Daddy in these. We opt for the velcro version so that you can pull them extra tight to keep them on.

Zutano – Another obsession of ours!! These are AMAZING for any baby. They stay on AND keep those little feetsies warm!

Copper Pearl – As mentioned in this post, Copper Pearl is our favorite for burp cloths! They also make tons of other great baby accessories, such as bibs, blankets, bows, nursery items and more. Really great quality and seem to be the only burp cloths I buy!

Little Unicorn – Obsessed with Little Unicorn for bath towels! We also own a crib sheet from them and some other misc. items. Great prints, great quality. They can sometimes be found at Marshall’s & TJ Maxx too.

Slouch Headwear – There is nothing cuter then a baby in a beanie. This is a great brand for basic beanies. They are AMAZING quality, and even go up to adult sizes if you want to match! We ordered the first size and they are perfect size. He’s starting to get quite the melon head, but these seem to be able to grow into as well!

Herschel – Our family is obsessed with Herschel, so it was only fitting Colton was introduced to it at a young age. In fact, his Herschel baby bag was the first thing his grandparents gifted him! This knit beanie was also the only beanie that fit his small head when he was born. He’s almost grown out of it now, but we wore the heck out of that thing!

LouLou Lollipop – LouLou Lollipop makes great bath time accessories that we use constantly. We love their washcloths! They also have great teethers, pacifier clips, and more.


Heart Of Gold Kids – Heart of Gold Kids is an adorable children’s boutique in downtown Berlin, MD. Emily and her sweet little family are the best. About 85% of these brands I discovered from Emily. Coming from a boutique owner, that is one heck of a brag! I would say she is THE destination locally if you’re looking for cute kids clothes, accessories, as well as a large selection of things for mama too! Although she doesn’t have an online store yet, you can call or DM and she will ship!

Ish Boutique – Ish is a great local boutique with two locations in Ocean City & Rehoboth. Other then the great selection of women’s clothing, jewelry and accessories, there is also a select baby section! We have found some cute outfits here, as well as this is where I discovered LouLou Lollipop. A must-see if you’re local for everyone in the family , or they have an online shop too!

Sora Street Boutique – This is a great online boutique for affordable baby items for both girls and boys! I have ordered, the things ship extremely fast and are okay quality. I say okay because they are a little starchy, but with that price you can’t complain.

SpearmintLove – Alright folks, if you have a baby I’m sure you’ve heard of SpearmintLove. (If you haven’t, are you living under a rock?) Spearmint offers a great selection of brands, plus they have their own brand (which they now wholesale so you might see it at some local boutiques depending on where you live!). I’ve ordered lots in the past from this company! Plus – orders come extremely fast and they are now offering free shipping on all orders! They really are the leader in online kids boutiques… meaning, they have pretty much everything! Minus – their return policy is pretty strict and I’ve run into problems with this a few times. I do really enjoy following them on Instagram though, the owner Shari shares a lot of her family’s life as well as business behind-the-scenes.

The Tot – This is a new find! The Tot carries tons of baby and kid brands, some that I’ve never even heard of! They are currently having a big winter sale with savings up to 70%.

Etsy – Some of the coolest things I’ve found for Colton have been on Etsy! Our favorites have been his wood age blocks, wood name sign for his birth announcement, and Colton’s custom name pacifier clip.

Target – We love Target’s brand Cat & Jack. So affordable and great pieces for layering. We specifically have a lot of their bottoms!

Marshall’s – Marshall’s baby section can be extremely hit or miss. But you can find some great scores! Definitely have to religiously look.

Nordstrom / Nordstrom Rack


I’m probably going to get some haters here. You guys, I can’t stand Carter’s clothing. Call me crazy, I understand it’s like the number one brand for kids. And I’m not saying Colton doesn’t wear some, but here’s my problem with them. First off, they run so small. Second, they shrink. Every time I wash a load of Colton’s clothing all of his Carter’s clothing shrink. Really frustrating! They are great place to stock up on socks and such though.

I can’t speak on their quality — however, I was extremely disappointed in Janie & Jack having hardly ANY boy clothes in store. They also don’t carry small sizes.

I mentioned above that SpearmintLove has their own private label of clothing. Everything I have tried from them pill, shrink (they already run extremely small to begin with), and also just aren’t the greatest quality. BUT, they are so stinking cute. So it is what it is.

Gerber clothing is like my least favorite ever. We had a lot of their basic onesies for the newborn stage, as well as to just go under outfits and such. They are so startchy, see-through, and just all around yuck in my opinion.

Alright. I think that may be all. Ha! Probably the longest post I’ve ever written! And it took me weeks. I hope it helps somebody out there. Along with these listed above, I can sometimes find great things at chain stores like Old Navy and Baby Gap. I’ve browsed H&M’s baby section online, and they have REALLY cute stuff for great prices. But their sizing is truly so strange I am scared to order. Maybe one of y’all have a suggestion there! Happy shopping and here’s to making little boys the raddest looking they can be!

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    Zara also has the cutest little boy stuff – great price point! It’s currently my favorite for a toddler that gets everything dirty!

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    • Taylor wrote:

      Oh, great to know! I don’t know why I never think of Zara!!

      Published 1.19.20