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Where You Need To Go For Your Weekend Adventure In Savannah, GA!

savannah_coversavannah_pages12 savannah_page3savannah_page4 Savannah_Page5 Savannah_page6 savannah_foxyloxy savannah_foxyloxy2leopolds savannah_page8 savannah_page9 savannah10  Words cannot contain how excited I am to share this post with you!! It has taken about a month in total to put the whole thing together, and lots and lots of brainstorming by me and editing by the two boys. First off, let me introduce you to a new feature here on the LCC where every city I go I will share a spread with you of where to dine, shop, hang out, everything you will know on your next visit! I want to thank all of the local businesses and shops for inviting us in with open arms and fully supporting what we had envisioned. Especially Leopold’s Ice Cream, whom Mr. Stratton Leopold himself invited us to the store before it opened to get a first look at what goes into making the ice cream, setting up shop, and even telling us fun stories of his Hollywood days. Check out my Facebook album for all of the photos taken as well as a look at the printed spread! 

I cannot thank Harrison & Foster enough for everything they did for this project. All photos and graphics by the two dream team! Check out their collaborative studio Royal Elephant!

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  1. Emilie wrote:

    Love this!

    Published 4.8.14
  2. Jamie Beck wrote:

    now I’m dying to try fire street food!! Great list!

    Published 4.17.14