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Everything We Couldn’t Live Without Colton’s First Week Home

First off, I want to scream thank you from the rooftops for all of the love, kind words and comments on our latest post about Colton’s birth story. That took a lot to hit publish on so I’m so glad that you all loved it. I’m also feeling so refreshed to get personal with y’all and keep the transparency flowing! (Currently working on a BIG post about breastfeeding. Is there anything else you would love to talk about? Let me know!) The first week for any new mom is a complete learning curve. We learned, adapted, and are settling in so in love with our new normal. I wanted to share with you today all the baby things that have helped us get through the first week! Because lets face it, there is market overload when it comes to everything baby. I had no idea what to register for really, I just read any and every blog post out there I could find, did product research, and more. Plus, as soon as we got home we were already Amazon Priming things we discovered we needed. I hope this post helps someone to learn what to register for your new baby!

DockATot Deluxe+

When you’re registering as a first-time mom, there are things out there that it seems everyone has. For me, that was the DockATot. But like, how could a simple pillow cost $195? Y’all, let me tell you something. Best $195 you will ever spend. Our little babe will sleep in the Dock anywhere, anytime. It’s also great when he’s entertaining himself and I need to get a little work done. I simply place it next to me on the couch or on the counter while I type away. We were lucky enough to have a family member pass down their Dock, so then I simply registered for a new cover. This is the cover we have. You can also buy the pillow and cover together. There is also a similar product on the market called the Snuggle Me Organic, which is a little more budget-friendly, but doesn’t come in all the fun prints that the DockATots do.

SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles 

We received a set of the SwaddleMe swaddles at our baby shower, and probably didn’t know how much of a difference they would make in our sanity then. LOL! Literally our second night home we Primed about 5 more. If I would’ve known to register for these I would’ve had an entire closet full of them if I could! They’re that good! The velcro make changings easy and quick, plus it allows you to wrap them up super tight to make them feel like they are back in the womb. It’s crazy to see how calm they make our little guy. We might have a total of 7 or 8 of these now! They are definitely a must-have. (Especially when Dad is on duty.) We also picked up the Ollie Swaddle to try. I kept seeing it on Instagram ads and a lot of blogger moms I follow were raving about it. Will let you know what we think!

Soothie or Natursutten Pacifiers

We had no idea if our baby would like a paci obviously, but wanted to be prepared if he did. We must have every single brand and type of pacifier on the market, I wish I was joking. These two are his favorite. Soothies are pretty popular, they are also the brand that is most commonly used by hospitals. We have a ton of them, plus a few cute Wubbanub cuddlers too. The other one he’s liked is the Natursutten (seen in his picture above!) Natursutten has a ton of benefits that you can read about, but to sum it up they are sustainable, all natural, healthy, but also super SAFE for your baby.

ComoTomo Bottles 

One thing that I will scream at the rooftops to register for is the Babylist Bottle Box. We LOVED how effortlessly easy and trackable Babylist was when deciding where we wanted to be registered. One of the first things I found on their app was their exclusive Babylist Bottle Box. This is basically a gift set of baby bottles, complete with all of the classic bottles, trendy bottles, you name it. Normally when you buy bottles they are sold in sets. It really sucks because you don’t even know if your little babe will even take to that bottle! The Babylist Bottle Box gives you one of each brand to try. Again, a must-have on any new mom’s registry.

From this gift set, Colton’s favorite by far was the ComoTomo. In fact, this was an item we immediately Amazon Primed more of. We obviously had no idea when or if we would need bottles, so having this set on hand was a life-saver. Not only does Colton love it, mommy and daddy love the ComoTomo too because of its minimal design (less to clean) and how easy it is to travel and explore around town with! (They come in pink too for those of you with baby girls!)

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

I think I was the type of person that thought I wouldn’t need anything like nipple butter, but boy was I wrong. Earth Mama came highly recommended from a lot of blog posts I had read, but I happened to see it at a local store and decided to pick some up. This has been a lifesaver and I’m pretty sure I’m almost out already. Plus, since it’s organic and made of great ingredients, no need to wash or wipe it off before baby eats.

Copper Pearl Burp Cloth Sets

This was another find from local boutiques, but Copper Pearl can be found at Nordstrom as well. We keep burp cloths always on hand, all over the house. These have been our favorite so far because they’re good sized, SO soft, and come in cute prints and patterns! Stocking up on some more ASAP.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine

The Hatch is another item that it seemed like everyone recommended when it came to what to register for. I honestly think right now Mommy & Daddy like it more then Colton, but a sound machine works wonders when it comes to sleep! We love how many settings this one has, how easy it use to use from the app, plus how useful it will be as Colton gets older.

As I mentioned, I had completely no idea what to register for when it was time. Of course I had no problems picking out all of the cutest clothes and accessories, but what does a baby REALLY need?! All of these items definitely made our first week at home easier. What about your baby? What couldn’t they live without the first week?

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  1. Kate wrote:

    Taylor we have the Ollie!!! We absolutely love it!!! It helped us so much!!! It’s great because it can be used as a transistor too!!! 😊😊 we had the swaddleme swaddle but she kept busting out after the first week or two and the Ollie was it from week three on!!!
    We also took a baby sleep course from takingcarababies which I highly recommend! It helps with littles sleep and provides good insight on additional soothing techniques!!! 😊😊😊 you have an adorable baby boy so happy for you and your little family!’ If you need anything holler!!!

    Published 11.17.19
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thank you so much Kate! Looking forward to giving the Ollie a try. And I’ve heard about that course, looking into it now!


      Published 11.17.19
    • Sue Kelly wrote:

      Great post Taylor!

      Published 11.19.19