Welcoming Spring With A Picnic







picnic_spring_easter_forsyth_park_savannah5 Today’s post is an unique one, but something that I wish I did more of here on the blog. Last weekend was Easter, and since I’m a college student with absolutely no family around, I embraced my wonderful friend group and threw a picnic. Sounds fun right? We all had a really great time! With the stress of the constant go go go here at SCAD, it’s a must that we take an afternoon to just chill. It was a beautiful 80 degrees day and I couldn’t have imagined it anywhere else.

I really recommend doing whatever it is that allows you to take an afternoon to relax. For me, it’s being with my friends. I love just hanging out, it’s my version of therapy and doing something little like this allowed us to take that therapy outside! Plus, I embrace any excuse to entertain and throw a party!

Photos by Harrison AlbertShopbar

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