Two Thousand Seventeen

Every year brings a fresh new slate – full of opportunity, inspiration, and resolutions. I love a reason to sit down, evaluate, and even plan. Writing everything down is a great step, but sharing it with you on this blog makes it even more real and accountable. Plus, I get to hear about all of your goals and resolutions too, which I look forward to hearing every year!

Let's talk goals and 2017 resolutions, personal and blog related for the New Year. Plus, everything I use to get to them.

First, let’s talk about 2016…

Phew, I know you’ve heard already but 2016 was a whirlwind for me. Some monumental life events included graduating SCAD and launching Lt Grey. The blog had highlights in 2016 too, like officially launching the redesign and traveling to Charleston for The Blog Societies Conference.

I worked with a record number of brands in 2016, which was incredible! Some of my favorites happen to be this post with Smucker’s, an at-home spa day with Biore, these puny DIY glasses, and last but not least everything I needed for NYE with Dove.  Of course we launched our very first Holiday Guide this year too, which was an amazing experience that I’m looking forward to doing again!

When there’s highs, there’s also lows. This year brought a lot of change, which is good and bad. I wouldn’t change the choices I’ve made for anything, but they’ve definitely taught me a lot about myself and even this world. Life’s not fair, and the hand you’ve been dealt is the only one you’ve got so you better play your cards. Basically my 2016 life lesson.

My personal goals for 2017…

My personal goals for the year are a little different. I moved back home after graduation, and with opening a new business, I couldn’t devote enough time and money to finding an apartment. This is at the top of the list during the beginning of 2017. Don’t worry, I still love my mom and am very close to her, but it’s so hard to move back home after living on your own. It’s causing a lot of unnecessary tension and I’m just really looking forward to decorating our own space.

Second, I still want to cut sugary drinks and sodas out of my diet. I’ve been doing really well with sticking to a fitness routine, with even seeing a personal trainer twice a week. I love it. I can’t wait to dedicate more time in the new year to a better version of myself.

And lastly, I want to love myself more. I can love my family, friends, even my work, but I just can’t seem to find the ability to love my body image. I know it’s a struggle that a lot of us women face, but I’m committed to overcoming this issue.

My blog goals for 2017…

Last year’s blog goals/resolutions included launching a newsletter. I’m excited to announce that I crossed that off the list, although it was in December… Better late then never, right? I now want to grow our email list, to reach more of our amazing readers! Psst. Shameless plug – make sure you’re signed up on the bottom of the blog. 

Create more videos for the LCC. I toiled with videography in 2016, like our Orange Crush recipe, Milky Way Cake recipe, and even a beauty video! I think we can do way more with it if we devote the time. It takes so much longer to film and edit than it does for photography. It’s definitely the way the industry is moving though so I need to make time for it in 2017.

Lastly, I want to develop more of a social media strategy. Right now I somewhat know what works, but I think I can do so much more if I just put the time to it. I used to schedule out all of my tweets, which somehow I stopped doing towards the end of last year. I need to figure out a plan and stick to it. Hey, any suggestions drop me a line!

A quick note about how I stick to it…

Everyone is guilty of it… You write down all of those resolutions and then file that paper away somewhere and don’t think about it until December 31st. The simple things that I do to stick to my goals and resolutions are keeping them in plan view. It seems cliché, but if I look at something long enough I will do it. I used a piece of washi tape to stick my 2017 resolutions right up on my computer. That way, every time I sit down at my desk to do something I see them.

I also am a sucker for a good planner. I recently shared 5 ways I stay more organized and productive as my own boss, and a planner is a huge part of that. I recently picked up the new Rifle Paper 2017 planner and I am in LOVE! It’s everything I wanted and more. I’ve also been curious about all of the fuss over Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner. If you’re curious about a few different planners, I really love Megan’s Battle of the Planners post. A great read!

I tried to narrow each category down to three goals/resolutions. I could probably go on and on about things I want to change in my life but hey, I have to make it realistic and attainable. Here’s the a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2017. Happy New Year!

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