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Today, I come to the LCC with an experience so exciting that I can hardly find the words to do the majesty of it justice. Please, bear with me as botch this story in my elation of having the opportunity to re-tell it.

Last Monday, I was able to make one of my life dreams come true as I, for the first time in my entire life, rode a Segway.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Riding a Segway is something I have wanted to do ever since the Good Morning America hosts circa Y2K told all of their viewers that Segways were the transportation method of the future. Even with the nerdy mall cop reputation that accompanied the machines, after everyone realized that no one could practically justify purchasing one for their own use, it has been on my bucket list, and last Monday I, with my friend Katie (who also has dreamed of a magical Segway ride), crossed it off.

We booked a tour with a group in Philadelphia and glided all over Old City, soaking in history to which we hadn’t yet been exposed, learning about the social, political, economic, and engineering triumphs that took place in a city that was the nation’s capital for an entire decade. And let me tell you, it was a ball. (Selfies included, of course.)

segway_selfie_tourThat’s basically the whole story. Sorry for all the build up, but I don’t really want to bore you with Philadelphian history, but what I want you to get from it is such:

1. Segways are not for nerds. I will admit, that the knowledge I obtained on my tour is really nerdy, but Segways themselves are not.  I recommend Segway tours for everyone and it doesn’t matter if it is around the city that you reside, or one that you are visiting (or if you have the means to purchase a Segway for yourself, please do so immediately). I believe it to be a scientific fact that you cannot not smile on this mode of transportation, which I believe to be second only to maybe a jetpack or a unicorn (but we all know jetpacks aren’t real). And isn’t a smile a girl’s greatest accessory? Boom.

2. Touring your own city is seriously underrated. There are few things I find more sad or frustrating in this life than meeting someone who more or less knows nothing about the city in which they live. Multiply this sentiment by 100 if they have no desire to ever remedy this ignorance. Did you see all the cool (read: useless but kind of interesting) stuff we learned?! City tours are basically Jeopardy training, people.

3. Expensive tours are usually worth it. This Segway tour cost me about $53 which, yes, is ridiculous. But I have spent more money on less fun things—casinos, gym memberships, too many sporting events, happy hours with people I don’t like… the list goes on. Admittedly, I am one of those people that so often prefers the “local experience” when I am discovering a place, but sometimes doing ridiculous things like segwaying through a city is how you get the best memories.

Until next time, Devon

Written and Curated for the LCC by Devon Harman

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