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August-16,-2015_IMG_4116 Did you catch me over on Julie’s blog yesterday for her Let’s Go There series?! I thought I’d quickly stop in today and share some of my packing 101 tips for traveling. There are plenty out there for sure, but I’m sharing with you the one’s that have worked for me. I am infamous for forgetting things, so I’ve been trying to eliminate that with these simple tricks:

1. Start with the basics. I always start by packing my undies, jeans, basic tees and such. If I don’t start here I tend to forget some key ingredients to a successful trip. (i.e. strapless bra, etc.)

2. Add your standout pieces. I brought home this dress for my mom’s birthday dinner. I usually try to bring 2-3 unique pieces, and then mix and match them with my basics.

3. Accessorize it. It’s no secret that I love my accessories.. They’re especially great while traveling though because they can make one outfit feel like 3 different ones! Let them do all the talking! I really enjoyed reading more about Jess’ summer capsule wardrobe, which is also an interesting idea when it comes to packing.

4. Stick to one pair of sandals, one pair of heels, and one pair of walking shoes. Choose versatile colors that way you can wear them with everything you packed.

5. Lastly, leave room for new goodies! I used to overpack, but I’ve since cured that. I realized that every time I traveled I ended up buying a bag that I hated just to get new stuff home. This is a simple problem to fix, just don’t overpack!

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  1. katie wrote:

    Love these tips, Taylor! I need that leopard clutch in my life. Heading to Nashville next month and excited to practice some of these.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

    Published 8.20.15
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thanks, Katie! And yes, it’s from South Moon Under, much less pricey then the Clare V version! Have a great trip!


      Published 8.21.15