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Viva Las Vegas! Hey everybody, your favorite photographer, Harrison, is back at it with a little different style of blog post today! I recently was given the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for a photography conference. Let me tell you, I am still sleepy from all those long nights that Elvis Presley talked about. So I figured what better way to talk about this trip then to give you a couple tips as if you were visiting the city.

So of course, when you think of Las Vegas you think bright lights and gambling; and for that reason these things are on the top of my list. As I was told by my Uber driver one morning, “You haven’t been to Las Vegas unless you’ve been to Las Vegas.” What I later learned he meant by that was most of the strip isn’t in Las Vegas proper, except for Fremont Street. Fremont Street has some of the oldest hotels in the city as well as Vegas Vic, the giant neon cowboy. Now, every hotel in the city, including the airport, has its own casino. But be weary of how much time and money you spend, because we all have lost a little bit of money by playing one too many machines. So enjoy shows that any of the hotels offer and play a couple of penny slots and grab yourself a drink.


Now that you’ve walked around all day I bet you’re getting pretty hungry. Las Vegas is considered one of the biggest culinary capitals in the country right now due to the popularity of farm-to-table in the US. Hands down the best meal I had there was at a little place off the strip called Sushi SoHo. Now you may ask what’s so special about a sushi place? Two words: Sushi Burrito. That’s right, a giant sushi roll made to order with almost whatever you want in it, wrapped in a tortilla. The only way to explain it as I ate it was, “I have seen the face of God and he is a sushi burrito.” Alongside that, many of the hotels now have “pub” style restaurants. In the Red Rock Spa & Casino, where the conference was being held, there was a bar called The Yard House. In it they had 200 beers on tap with a great list of bar food.vegas_.5

Now my last little bit of advice for your trip is to enjoy the natural landscape of the area. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert with a giant canyon overlooking the city. The Red Rock Spa & Casino overlooked the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which includes multiple hiking trails and a 13 mile long scenic drive. Plus since it’s dry heat, for most of the year its pretty cool outside!


So I hope you enjoyed learning about how I spent my 48 hours in Las Vegas. I’m looking forward to sharing more travel posts with you in the future, if Taylor lets me. I will be back soon with another camera tip post all about lenses. If you would like to see more photos from the trip, head on over to my blog!

Written and curated for the LCC by Harrison Albert.

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  1. katie wrote:

    Vegas is on my bucket list BIG TIME right now! Thanks so much for sharing your recap. I also think you’re the only person to make a picture of a casino look good!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 3.16.16
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thank you Katie!


      Published 3.16.16