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Tips On How To Cut Down Time On Shopping Collages For Bloggers

It’s time for some more blogger to blogger talk! It’s not a long heated post like last week’s blogging tips, but still a super relevant topic that I think you’ll like! I get a ton of questions about how to make shopping collages. Although today’s post isn’t exactly answering that question (but I’m working on the draft currently), I wanted to get into simple ways that you can cut time down on the process.

Are you looking to cut down time on shopping collages for your blog? Read these blogging tips to help you be more efferent and time effective. [click through to read]

There are a lot of blogging tips on the web, but I couldn’t find one place that laid out all of the ways you can be the most efficient when it comes to shopping collages – or collages in general for that matter. If you’re a blogger then you know how time consuming they can be! First you have to decide what your collage will focus on, then you have to find all of the products that you want to include, then you have to design the collage, write the post, etc. That’s a lot! Here are the simple ways that I’ve found how to cut some time down in the process.

Create or find a template.

Since you want every post and image that you put out there to be on brand and cohesive, this is my number one suggestion when it comes to cutting down time on shopping collages. Not only do you create a cohesive identity, it saves your time of coming up with a new layout every post. If you have an idea of what you want your aesthetic to be, but can’t figure out how to achieve the “look,” I highly suggest Lindsay’s blog post templates. 

This tip is highly relevant right now, as I’m sure you’re prepping your blog for the holiday’s. If you’re thinking about sharing holiday gift guides (which duh, you should), make your template now and fill in the products later! You’ll thank me, I swear!

Make sure to stay true to your brand’s colors, typefaces, etc.

No matter the case, make sure to use the colors and typefaces that match your brand. For example, when I found the perfect templates from Lindsay, I made sure to change all of the headings to my website’s typeface, and move all of the headlines to the center of the images. All of my previous images had the headline in the center, so I wanted to keep that the same. A blog image (like the one above) should have a compelling image to draw you in, an eye-catching headline, and a call to action. You can also add a subheading if you need more information to understand what the post is about. Another option is to add a submark or watermark, like I do in my shopping collages.

Plan out the topics in advance.

Your shopping collages should be relevant to season, trends, holidays, sales, etc. Take a look at the calendar and plan out your editorial calendar in reference of all of the important dates. Also, if you use RewardStyle or ShopStyle, make sure to keep an eye out for top converting categories and stores. For example, when Fall is coming, boots and blanket scarves are one of the hottest sellers. Staying ahead of dates and selling trends will pay off in the end, with your time and your affiliate links.

Update old posts that are still relevant.

My last tip isn’t really about designing the collage itself, but more about keeping up with old collages. Although I am still going to release new gift guides this year, last year’s gift guides are still performing well. I will go back and update affiliate links, notify my readers of sold out items, link to similar items, etc. This keeps the post relevant and adds more ways for my readers to shop and for me to see earnings.


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  1. Lauren wrote:

    Loved this post! I’m actually in the midst of creating my gift guides now, and have really been trying to keep consistent with the font and design I use! I’m not very experienced with photoshop, but one of the things that helps me is to just duplicate a collage I’ve already created and then just replace the products/title!


    Published 11.17.16
    • Taylor wrote:

      That’s exactly what I do! It makes it so much easier!

      Published 11.17.16