The #SBScon Coffee Talk!








sbs_8 Alright everyone, I have been talking and talking about the #SBScon so here it finally is! Overall this was a great experience I would not have changed it for the world. Being this was my first conference (ever!) I had no idea what to expect! Coffee talk entailed three speakers, followed by a time devoted to networking. The speakers chosen were Ahalogy, ShopSense, and Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press. All three were WONDERFUL. I totally wish I could sit down just one on one and pick each of their brains, but of course I did not have quite that pleasure. I did though get to learn a TON of information that I didn’t know before! Honestly, one of the biggest things I was looking forward to was meeting some of my favorite bloggers. (Including Cathy and Jess the co-founders!) I was super tired as you can see from the bags under my eyes, but did my best to power through. I can’t wait to see wait next year entails and a special thank you to Cathy and Jess!

Stay tuned for my swag bag goodies coming up shortly 😉

All photos by Rebecca Carson Photography

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