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The Reason It’s Taken Me A Couple Weeks To Publish A Blog Post…

I’ve been asked by a couple people now what the hiatus on here has been for…. And, trust me, I’ve asked myself the same thing a few times now. First off, I’ve been working on a rebrand project behind-the-scenes for this space here, along with traveling to two tradeshows to buy for upcoming seasons at Magnolia Rifle. But here’s the thing, I’ve had the time to write the past couple weeks. It’s just that I haven’t known what to say. And here’s why…

As you all know, my daily title is boss lady at my boutique that I co-own with my mom. For about the past four months, I’ve been struggling creatively. Like struggling the way I’d never struggled before. And I thought long and hard about what I would need to do to dig myself out. So I did what anyone would do, and I went back to the start. I started buying more things that I LOVED, instead of, “Yeah, somebody would buy that.” No, I did not start this vision for SOMEBODY. I started it for ME. And my mom! So I decided that was what I was going to do. From the fixtures down to the merchandise, I really enjoyed pretty much starting from scratch.

With doing so, we made the decision to launch a littles collection. (Officially launching 3/19 and y’all, I can’t freaking wait!!!) I digress. When I decided to start telling people that I was thinking about carrying baby and kids clothes, (this was before I had even made a decision, I was just trying to feel out the waters…), there were only a few people that were genuinely, over-the-top supportive. And that really threw me off. The friends who used to encourage me to do anything were saying things like, “What do you know about selling kids clothes? Isn’t that going to take you away from doing what you know well?” “Doesn’t everyone else sell it? How are you going to be different than them?” “Did you talk to this person and that person about this?” Blah, blah, blah.

Meanwhile, customers were asking me why we weren’t carrying it. They came in constantly over the summer asking for baby gifts and such. And then, once I was bringing Colton to work with me, they were begging me to carry kids clothes just so they could know where Colton’s wardrobe was coming from and actually have first-hand access to obtaining it. But the thing that someone said to me that really threw me off? “Just stay in your lane and you’ll have nothing to worry about.” I sat with this for awhile. Stewed. It all caused me to really go back and forth about it.

And while I stewed, I happened to watch Miss Americana on Netflix. It’s the documentary about Taylor Swift, have you seen it? I have to admit that I wasn’t much of a T-Swift fan until I saw this. She is real. She is a human being with feelings, challenges, all of it. And she stood up for what she believed in.

I have no clue how these two things in my brain linked, but they did. Taylor Swift herself made me realize that I need to start standing up in what I believe and my vision. I know that my mom and I can curate a kick-ass Spring collection together AND a kids/baby colleciton. I know that I can do so without jeopardizing relationships with other local business owners. (At least on my end, ya know?) I know I was made to curate and share this boutique with every one of you. I was made with my strengths, while my mom was made with hers, so that the two of us could join forces and make the perfect team. (And that we do!)

I want to say that my lovely friend who said this to me did not mean it in a derogatory manner. She meant to lift me up. (And I love her for it.) But here’s the thing. It’s 2020 people. Fuck the lane. We do not have to just stay in one lane. Society now is trying to lift barriers. Make your own god damn lane. Make your own lane, then make a U-turn, a four-way stop, WHATEVER. Travel your path, as windy or straight as it may be. Because you know what happens when you venture outside of your lane? You discover new things, you meet new people, and you might even discover new things about yourself while you’re at it. I know I did. And that my friends, is part of what life is all about.

I apologize about the vulgar language in today’s post. Actually, no I don’t, because this is my space and I’m learning that I can write whatever the hell I want in it. See? Fuck the lane.


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  1. B wrote:

    I literally just took a screenshot of the fuck the lane, u turn part bc it spoke to me. Thank you for that. Good luck on your new merchandise!

    Published 2.23.20