Tackling New Year’s Resolutions One Goal At A Time

newyearsresolutions It’s about that time of year when everyone starts breaking out the New Year’s resolutions. I for one have made this a serious one when it comes to resolutions. I normally only set one resolution- I’m not sure if that’s because I was afraid I wouldn’t achieve more than that or what. And I must say, I do normally stick to them. But this is the first year I’m going full fledged. Here’s a little more about what I’m trying to turn around in my life, personally and for the blog..


1. I want to get back to my running ways. I used to run four to five times a week, always increasing distance each time. I got extremely comfortable when I moved in with Harrison and our two fur babies and let this get away from me. Starting now I will regain my strength in running and self-confidence.. 

2. Cook more often and healthier. This is one that I talk about a lot but never really stuck to. I’m one that aims for the easy route, I never really cared how it affected me in the long run. After months of feeling down and not really myself this is something that can definitely help me feel my best. 

3. Cut out sodas! Enough said. 

For the blog: 

1. First off, I am getting to sticking to a strict schedule on the blog. Not only for you the readers, but also so I know when I have content, when I need to create content, and what I ultimately have going on. This will allow for more sleep at night and an overall better LCC. (If you were wondering, Mondays and Wednesdays will be outfits, Tuesday will be a Currently Coveting edition, and Thursday will be a recipe/DIY. Friday’s free game, I’m open for suggestions y’all!)

2. Next is the newsletter! Here at the LCC we’ve just installed a brand new pop-up to sign up for the LCC newsletter! I will be striving to get the ball rolling with this, sending out exclusive discounts and deals and letting you in on all the shopping & life info I can get my hands on. (Sending one out tomorrow talking all about tips to achieve these goals- be sure to sign up!) 

3. Last but not least, growing! This is the ultimate and constant goal for me and I’m guessing all of you. I dream of this blog going so many places but I have to grow to get there and this will be the year. 

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