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Summer Essentials | Packing Your Cooler Correctly





beach_summeressentials_healthy_beach_cooler_salad_juice_12 Today’s the last post of the #LCCSummerEssentials! Last but not least, you need to have a fully packed cooler aboard in order to stay cool and prepared. First off, you always need to be hydrated so I load up my extra-large mason jars with water and lots of ice. We also made a batch of fresh lemonade and brought along fresh lemons and limes. It was very refreshing about mid-afternoon! For lunch we had an easy-to-pack salad in a jar (more on that next week). I make sure to check, double check, and triple check that I bring along snacks. Homegirl gets HANGRY without her snacks. I’ve been loving fresh fruit and lots of different snack bars. My favorites are this sour apple & maple almond butter combo, and KIND snack bars. Finally, I try to always bring along a juice for right before we leave and/or the morning. What do you usually pack in your cooler for a beach day?

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  1. katie wrote:

    What a fun post! You have such beautiful photography, Taylor.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

    Published 7.30.15
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thank you, Katie!


      Published 7.31.15
  2. You are definitely better at packing for a trip to the beach than I am. I normally just end up bringing some water and calling it good. However, I like your idea of putting ice in a bucket and then putting everything you want in it. It is easier to see and I am more likely to use it. I’m also impressed with your using mason jars to pack your salad. I have always used ziplock bags, and while they work, I do think using a mason jar would work better. In short, now that I have seen your post, my next trip to the beach will be better.

    Published 1.19.16