Sharing An Interview With DANNIJO

image001 Back in August I started a new series called Blogger Spotlight. I have loved every single blogger that I have gotten to share with you thus far but have been on some sort of hiatus. I am excited to share with you tonight an interview with the jewelry designers Danielle and Jodie Snyder that was featured on This Is Retail. Normally on the LCC I make it a point to interview the person or company myself, but I couldn’t help but share this one since it was pertaining to, “How To Dominate Social Retail!” Here’s what the two designers behind DANNIJO have to say..

What does a day in your life working in retail look like?

It’s always changing but there is a lot of customer interaction and social media throughout the day. Every day we learn more about our product and how we can better it based on how people are wearing it or what they’re missing in their jewelry wardrobes.


How did you start making jewelry?

We taught ourselves using our dad’s medical tools when we were kids.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Old movies, photography, all things Africa, architecture, Native American Indian and Moroccan treasures, art, New York street style, vintage…3

How important has social media been in growing your business?

Massive. It’s the best way to communicate in real time with your customers–to learn about them, and to introduce them to your way of thinking and creating. It’s a very special medium that has been an incredible platform for DANNIJO.

How important is the marketing and product display of your jewelry to the success of your business?

It’s a big part of the big picture because people want to buy into a story, a world and an idea. At the end of the day, you have to have an amazing product that people love, but what sets you apart is the way you showcase that product and its role in the story you create. Your mom was right–presentation is everything.2

What’s something most people don’t know about working in retail?

It’s not easy, it’s unpredictable, but the more you build up your ideas into physical manifestations, the busier your retail business will get and the more successful your brand will be.

Article shared via Stephen Schatz, Senior director of media relations at the National Retail Federation.

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