10.9.19 2

Our Fall Front Porch

Did you catch that we bought our first house?! Guys, being a homeowner is so fun. Well, most days. If I were to be typing this last month I would’ve been rolling my eyes at that statement because of a…

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The Cutest Fall Decor:


Stuffed Chicken Breast Quick Dinner Recipe

With it getting dark out earlier and earlier, I am trying to eat dinner at a reasonable hour these days. Most nights Harrison and I don’t even get home until 7:30-8:00, so I’ve been really struggling with cooking a well-balanced…

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10.5.19 1

Let’s Stop Making Comments About Pregnant Women’s Weight, Shall We?

Call it a taboo subject, but I’m writing to you today to stop making comments about pregnant women’s weight. And I’m talking all kinds of comments — whether you think she looks large or small. Here’s what I mean…

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