My Top 10 Purchases of 2019

In past years, I’ve shared lots and lots of gift guides for the holiday season. Obviously that did not come to fruition this year due to many things, but I couldn’t go without talking about the things that I did purchase this past year. Plus, I love reading these types of posts from other bloggers. It’s kind of fun! It’s like my very own take on Oprah’s Favorite Things! (Except without the big car giveaways and all…) I could go on and on about this product and that product, but I narrowed it down to my top ten purchases of 2019 for you!

This post doesn’t include all of the best things I’ve bought for Colton… that post is coming on it’s own. You guys really loved Everything We Couldn’t Live Without Colton’s First Week Home, so I got inspired to write a few more baby buy posts! Plus he just turned two months so I’m also writing a full update on how life is at home with him!

My most beloved purchase of the year! This was my first grown-up luxury purse buy and I am so in love. I am currently working on a detailed review coming soon! Quickly though, I love the neutral-yet-unexpected color, plus it’s the perfect size.


I am OBSESSED with this palette and I have been since day one! (I talked about it in the past in this post.) Unfortunately I heard a rumor they are discontinuing it since it’s on MAJOR sale over at Ulta. I scooped up another one just in case!


I’ve sworn by this product for years (in fact, I first talked about it in 2017 in this post), but after breaking out of my comfort zone and trying some new foundations, I keep reverting back to my old ways. I’m swearing by this as my foolproof. Can’t live without it!


I was on the hunt for a daily lipstick and this one was recommended by a friend. I am IN LOVE. Just the right amount of creaminess, stays on all day, etc. My go-to number one shade is “Tulle.”


Seriously, my favorite sheet masks on the market right now! (And if you read this post — you know I love me some masks.) Personally, I love that these come in a pack of 3. They’re sold individually as well. Definitely need to stock up on some more!


Amanda my esthetician advised me to start using a daily SPF ASAP. I stumbled upon this SPF Face Primer and haven’t turned back. I love how easily it spreads, smells amazing, and feels like a little luxury every morning.


I’ve been rocking these for about two years now, but I did break down and buy a new pair recently. They have to be REAL good for me to buy the same exact pair more than once. 10/10 would recommend. Comfortable, match everything, just my go-to slip-ons!


This skinny bar pendant necklace goes with literally everything. Plus, it’s the perfect length of not-too-short but not-too-long. And it won’t tarnish or turn, so a (small) investment for a piece that will be in your collection forever!


We are absolutely Barefoot Dreams OBSESSED over here — I’m talking my entire family. This blanket was definitely one of my favorite purchases of the year. This is the 54″ X 72″ size, which is what I would recommend. Unfortunately, this print is now sold out, but they do have the same size available in four solid colors. Can’t. Live. Without. My. Blankie.


These YSJ Skinny Jeans have become a true staple in my wardrobe. They suck it ALL in, stretch just the right amount, and are actually the perfect length for me. (Usually hard to come by.)


And I believe my friends, these are my top ten purchases of 2019! I think I could probably name five more items right off the top of my head, but decided to stick to ten. If you can’t tell, as far as my wardrobe goes, I decided to really invest in classic pieces that I will have for years. As I get older, I’m really trying to hone in on my personal style. Here’s to a fashionable 2020!

Photo by Alex Ashman

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