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My Fitness Journey | Introduction

fitness_journey_lcc Phew, this is a long overdue and hard post to type. It’s been in my drafts folder for at least three weeks now, no lie. And I’m going to warn that it’s a lengthy one. I’m sure a lot can relate, but I hit a low this past year when it came to self-confidence and overall wellness. I even talked about it in my New Year’s Resolutions post. When I started college I lost a lot of weight due to an illness (gallbladder related). After I had surgery though I found myself putting it all back on faster then it ever came off. I was eating very poorly, stopped working out all together (freshman year of college I was doing up to 8 mile runs), and all together felt like shit. I was sluggish, didn’t want to get out of bed, and wearing yoga pants way too much because I didn’t fit in anything else. My self-confidence suffered. A lot. I’m still recovering from that, but I wanted to share with you how I’m picking myself back up.

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push One day I was being my usual lazy self on the couch, scrolling through Facebook and saw a post about a friend starting her own company. That’s right, Jess is now a certified personal trainer, sports & fitness nutrition coach. I immediately messaged her, explaining where I was at the time, emotionally and physically. She sent over a customized grocery list, meal planner ideas, and a detailed work out schedule. This really helped me to understand what the f**k I was doing. (Let’s all be honest, we want to work out but the treadmill isn’t your only friend.) All in all, Jess gave me the push. I’m so thankful for that. The start is always the hardest. You need to get yourself into a routine.



 Like I said above, I was eating really really badly. When I decided that I needed a healthier lifestyle, my body thanked me. I flushed out all of the processed food that my body hated and “started fresh.” I eat a lot of meat and veggies, replaced most carbs with quinoa or brown rice, and am in the process of cutting out all sugary drinks. Water works wonders, ladies and gents. I recently got a juicer and have been having a lot of fun coming up with concoctions. I’m trying to get on the smoothie game too, I was inspired by this post by Emma. All in all, I love my new healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it’s hard to turn down the midnight Taco Bell run, but I’m learning how to. It pays off and gets easier, I promise.


workout I’ve eased my way back into a workout plan. I started with going on power walks. Then I started the at-home-workouts that Jess had scheduled out for me. Last week I started Kayla’s BBG guide with my bestie/photographer, Hannah. It’s been really great because we go shoot outfit photos in the morning, then do our workout for the day. I really started this because I was looking forward to working out with a friend, and the results kind of speak for itself. So far so good, it goes by quickly and hurts afterward. I’m still going on power walks for my LISS Cardio. Looking forward to start yoga back up, as well as some Zumba.


jessica Everybody needs inspiration, especially this girl. I’m a highly visual person, so tracking my progress photos has been ideal. I love seeing my body slowly transform with all the hard work. I also love to follow Jess (the woman of the hour), Breckenridge’s incredible transformation, as well as the Kayla photos like I mentioned before. Bri also started a healthy lifestyle category on her blog (a favorite of mine), that I’ve been looking forward to reading each week. She actually inspired me to start this little series. I hope these resources help in anyway possible!

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    Your post inspires me! Thanks for this. Just stumbled across your blog and it is lovely xx


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      Thank you!!


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