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My Favorite Places To Source Styling Props

Are you a photographer or blogger who takes their own photos? Make sure you know where to grab all of the best styling props to make your photos really pop! (Click through to read more.)

Part of my favorite things about this little blog is styling photos when it comes to shooting new content. I also take a lot of time to source pretty styling props, because let’s be honest, they make the photos! Remember when I shared my most used props in my styling closet? A TON of these are still in my back pocket most days. Along the same line, today I thought I’d share my favorite shops to look for styling props for photographers and bloggers alike.


Do I need to say more? Homegoods is honestly like the metropolis for props. And their clearance section is GOLD. I tend to start in the clearance, then work my way to kitchen, office, and home decor. I usually get a lot of my bowls, plates, and dishes here for photos because I can buy as many as I need and not the entire set. For example, the glasses in this post blew up when I posted a photo from the recipe on Instagram. They were like $3.99 each, score! The faux plant in the image above was also a Homegoods find. Just a little pro tip: Most Homegooods get their shipments on Mondays and Thursdays. That will be when the aisles are stocked to the fullest!


Anthro is my go-to for anything and everything. (Too bad I left Savannah where a store was like 5 mins from my house! Womp womp.) They have a great selection of unusual and pretty props to choose from. I usually stock up when they have tag sales! Their kitchenware and serveware are my absolute favorite! See my favorites styled on the blog in this cobbler hackthis boozy margarita recipe post or this shrimp boil recipe post.


CB2 is a great option for affordable knick-knacks. The store reminds me a lot of West Elm, except usually with a much smaller pricetag. (Your girl is always on the hunt for the bargains!) CB2 is my destination for modern, unique pieces. I’m thinking about adding this gold pencil cup to my collection currently.


Usually I end up with props from Target by accident. All the pretty things just magically appear in my cart. You all know that problem, right? I can’t resist all of their specialty designed collections, like the popular Hearth & Hand by Chip and Joanna Gaines. This round marble tray is from Target that I shoot lots of beauty posts on. The gold box pictured in this post is also a Target find. The bad news is that Target has an absolutely terrible website and I would 100% recommend just going to your local store and browsing. The $1 section also has some good prop finds usually!

Salt & Sundry 

Whenever I’m in DC, Salt & Sundry is a must-see. Not only do they sell cute stuff, but their stores are so beautifully merchandized that I have to check them out for inspiration. Some of my favorite props have come from S&S, like the napkins seen here or simple coffee table books that look great in photos. (Proof is above!) They also have an online shop full of great finds too!


Thrifting makes a great weekend activity and some of my favorite styling props come from it! When I’m thrifting I look for vintage glassware and mason jars, vintage books, and bar accessories. If you need some tips when it comes to thrifting make sure you check out this post from the archives back in 2015!

My Store (Duh!)

Saved the best for last 😉 Styling and wearing the products is one of the best perks of having an online shop. I grab pieces of jewelry to style photos a lot (like above), as well as candles and beauty products. This marble cheese board has been seen a lot on the blog, as well as these cute little planters as seen in this post.  Needless to say you’ll be seeing quite a lot of Magnolia Rifle products on here. If you head to check out our shop use code MR2017 to take 15% off your order.

Are you a photographer or blogger who takes their own photos? Make sure you know where to grab all of the best styling props to make your photos really pop! (Click through to read more.)

And that’s about it! Did you like this post? Should I keep thinking of blog and photography tips to share with you? If so, do you have any specific questions? Drop me a line below and be sure to check out my past blogging tips and photography tips!

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  1. Loved, loved, loved this post! I’m always struggling to find cool things to style, so this is super helpful. Had no clue Homegoods restocked on Monday’s & Thursday’s, and Anthro is deff a favorite of mine!


    Published 1.23.18
  2. Great post!! HomeGoods, West Elm and Target are my weakness, I love using props and little decor accents to style photos. I’ll definitely have to check out Salt & Sundry and your store!
    xo, Emma

    Published 1.23.18
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thanks so much Emma! Glad you liked the post 🙂

      Published 1.24.18
  3. katie wrote:

    You have the best styling ALWAYS, so I am so glad you shared this post!

    I love all these stores, but I always forget to approach them from a styling perspective, so thanks for the reminder!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    Published 1.27.18
    • Taylor wrote:

      Aw, thanks for the kind words! Glad you loved the post!

      Published 1.29.18
  4. I love Homegoods and Target for props. I am so glad I stumbled upon this post. Definitely checking out the others you mentioned.


    Published 1.30.18
    • Taylor wrote:

      Glad you liked, Jasmine! And thanks for stopping by!

      Published 1.30.18