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Monday Mornings, Volume 08.

Monday Mornings are a time that I absolutely treasure. It’s a time where I sit down for a moment of solitude before the hustle and the bustle of the week commences. I reflect, research, plan, and embrace. Keep reading to find this week’s best articles around the web, shopping links, and more to get your week started off right!

Start your week off right with a list of readings, musings, shopping, + more. A weekly roundup to inspire, motivate, and curate.

Y’all, there really needs to be a day in between Sunday and Monday. Am I right?! As always I’m ready to get to a fresh new workweek, but an extra day of rest really wouldn’t hurt either. Somehow this weekend I told myself I would finally finish all of the laundry and buy groceries, and yet neither of these things happened. Whoops! Well, I digress, it’s time for another Monday Morning’s post! 

Things I’m Reading Around The Web:

Have you ever heard of a Rhubarb cocktail?! Yeah, me either. But these babies look beautiful!

Olia shares her best time management tips. 

Totally bookmarking these 5 gardening tips for newbies! (I’m not a gardening newbie per say, but I am a newbie at actually keeping the damn plants alive. LOL)

These boozy frap popsicles are still on replay.

Lastly, how dreamy is this tablescape and party setting?! Major heart eyes over here!


Things In My Shopping Cart:

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