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A Mario Badescu Skincare Review

Mario Badescu has taken the skincare industry by storm. I’ve been dying to try their products and am starting with the Acne Starter Kit and Facial Spray.

With all of the stress I’ve been under lately, my acne has come back with a vengeance. I’m really not happy about it because I felt like I had finally figured out my skincare routine. But, alas, at least it gave me an excuse to try out the well known beauty brand Mario Badescu. For the purpose of what I was struggling with when it came to my skin, I picked up Mario Badescu’s Acne Starter Kit and their Facial Spray. I was extremely excited to try out the brand without having to buy the full-size products. Too much commitment for this girl, ya know?

Before I get into the products, I wanted to ask you what you wanted to see on the LCC. The numbers say that makeup and beauty product reviews are some of the most popular posts that I publish here on the blog. If you missed them, make sure to check out any of my Aveda, Beautycounter or Pixi Beauty reviews. Are there any specific brands or products you’ve been dying to try? Any that you just can’t get enough of and want everyone to know?  Do spill! I want to make sure that I’m sharing relevant and relatable content with y’all!

Drying Mask & Drying Cream

First up on the chopping block, Mario Badescu’s Drying Mask and Drying Cream. The Drying Mask is to use twice a week to clarify and wakeup your skin. It draws out the pore-clogging impurities. I really like the cucumber this mask has in it, but I won’t be quitting my other masks that I’m pretty loyal to. I still swear by this Beautycounter Charcoal Mask that I talked about in this post. Even with the hint of cucumber, this Drying Mask doesn’t smell too great. It is also very thin. This is the only product I was so-so about after a couple uses.

Like, I can’t even contain the love I have for this Drying Cream. At first I was extremely confused by the name because it’s more like a spot treatment. The purpose is to target small, under-the-surface bumps and pimples. I have used it three times now, and each time that I’ve used it I’ve woken up the next morning to my bumps and pimples being resolved. Mad love for this product y’all.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea

This Facial Spray was a complete afterthought purchase, not included in the Acne Starter Kit. It’s sad how quickly I give in to the products up by the register at both Ulta and Sephora. They’r deadly for me! It freshens up my face when I need that extra help. I can’t see a dramatic difference from using this product, but it does feel nice and refreshing and I like keeping it on hand when I’m out and about or have an exhausting day.

Oil Free Moisturizer

Moisturizers are totally my jam. With them being my jam, that means that I’ve tried a ton of different moisturizers. This one from Mario Badescu is in the top five, by far. It goes on easy and is long lasting. Not to mention, its pretty scent neutral, which is nice since I am prone to migraines. This moisturizer also has SPF in it to protect your skin. Definitely give this one a try!

Special Cucumber Lotion

I need to be honest and start by saying I’ve never really been into toners. After a recent talk on skincare with a friend, I realized its a really critical part that I had been ignoring. So needless to say, I’m not the expert on toners. BUT, I do like this one. Use this product both in the morning and nighttime, after your cleanser but before moisturizer. It has cucumber extract in it and really controls that nasty T-Zone.

Acne Facial Cleanser

You guys, I’m obsessed with this Acne Facial Cleanser! To start, it has a nice subtle scent to it that it lovely in the morning. Its not too in your face, which I really appreciate. It goes on soooo smooth and just feels great on your skin! When I first started using it, I wasn’t leaving it on my skin for long enough so in return I wasn’t really seeing those results I wanted. After reading a ton of blogger’s opinions on this same kit (like my girl Rachel’s!), I upped my usage to two times a day and also made sure that I let the cleanser sit on my skin for 1-2 minutes. Life changing!

Have you used any products from Mario Badescu? Thoughts? Any products I forget to mention here that I totally need to try from the brand? If you aren’t suffering from acne problems currently but do have acne scars or spots, Mario Badescu also has a great Acne Repair Kit. Happy shopping friends!

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