Life At SCAD | An Interview With Katie Schiewe


I was honored to get to know Katie in our Digital Presentation course here at SCAD. She was surprising very quiet at first, but after a few meetings she opened right up to me. I am so lucky to have met her in this class because our friendship quickly grew, constantly working on projects for other classes together. Now a good friend, I am so inspired and happy for Katie. She recently got to attend NYFW and is here to share her experience with us..

LCC: Tell us a little about yourself..

Katie: I am currently a sophomore at SCAD. Originally I am from Chicago, but I I was tired with Chicago winters, so I headed to the South for school. I am studying fashion marketing and merchandising with a minor in business.

LCC: Describe your history with Carolina Herrera.. How? When? Why?

Katie: Last summer I interned with the marketing and PR team for Carolina Herrera. This was my first big internship and first time ever living in New York. I was excited, but also a little scared.. I am use to big cities coming from Chicago, but New York was a whole new level.  Interning with Carolina Herrera was such a wonderful experience. I learned so much from my internship and was able to translate what I had learned into my studies here at SCAD. 

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LCC: Briefly let us in on your schedule during your time at NYFW..

Katie: Fashion week is really, really crazy. This was my second fashion week with Carolina Herrera. A lot of prep work goes into the preparing for a fashion show and every little detail is thought about. On a typical day during fashion week I am usually running errands or delivering invitations. To say you always stay busy during fashion week would be an understatement! On the day of the show, I arrive early to Lincoln Center to help start setting up. Then the models start to arrive and run throughs begin. Once it is a half hour before show time, the guests start arriving. This is always my favorite part because you get to see all the fashion celebrities. This show I saw Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and a lot of blogger elites. 


LCC: What was your overall takeaway from this experience?

Katie: Overall take away experience… Tough one! Well I would have to say, seeing everything come together was my favorite! Mrs. Herrera puts a lot of effort and thought into her show and the clothing she creates. Having a role model like this motivates me to do better in my work and ultimately work harder.

LCC: Summer plans?

Katie: Plans for this summer…  In March I am leaving to study abroad at SCAD Hong Kong. I am so excited to experience a new culture and hopefully travel to the surrounding cities on the weekend. I will most likely be back in New York this Summer, my options are still in the works and I am waiting to hear back.

Special thanks to Katie for taking the time to answer these questions.. Nothing but good things in this girl’s future! And be sure to check out her own blog! 

Images via Katie’s Instagram & Style.com

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