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Life At SCAD | SCADStyle Tuesday Recap

scad_scadstyle_week_speakers_guest_schooloffashion_tibi_valentinakova_fashiondesigners_students Just another day in the life, right?! Well if you haven’t heard about SCADstyle, it’s a week of amazing exposure and opportunities for the SCAD community. On each campus, SCAD strives to bring inspirational and relevant creatives to a  discussion environment. A staff member will open the discussion, ask some questions and listen to their stories, and then it’s my favorite time; Q&A! Last year’s line up included Alexander Wang the great, and yesterday Joseph Altuzarra spoke. (Amazing, I know, unfortunately I had prior commitments. But as a SCAD student I got to watch it online after on the virtual library and will be on Style.com later this week!) So now that you know a little about SCADstyle week, I’m going to recap a little from what I digested today!

The day started with a session called “Ladies Who Lead.” This was a discussion panel with Tibi’s Founder & Creative Director Amy Smilovic and designer Valentina Kova. It was really great to hear in a more intimate settings about these ladies. I was very well versed on Tibi as a brand, but not much behind the brand (like she’s from GA, holla!) As for Valentina, to be completely honest I hadn’t heard of her until I sat down in my seat in the SCAD museum. I completely fell in love with her though, she particularly shined to me with her drive and hunger to pursue her dreams. I thought I’d touch on a few things that stood out to me about each designer, and you can shop my favorites from their line at the bottom of this post!


-The movie “Nothing In Common” inspired her to pursue a study of art. 

-She greatly believes in the Mark Twain quote that goes something along the lines of, “In order to be successful in life you have to be 50% ignorant and 50% confident.” I LOVE THIS. 

-She describes her ideal employee with the term of ‘healthy fighting,’ or the goal of surrounding herself with conflicting points of view in order to push each other to do better. 

-In order to stay inspired Amy makes herself examine what makes you look at something, and bringing that feeling to live within your world (and knowing your world.) 

-Some buzz words she uses to describe Tibi are clean, cool, feminine, and relaxed. 


 -Valentina truly got to where she is today by networking and having absolutely no fears about selling herself. She talked about flying all the way across the country to LA (twice!!) to try to get a walk-in appointment at one of the hottest stores at the time. Most people would laugh at something like this! 

-She told us as students that she looks for hungry people, who have something to prove.

-She is inspired by the life of women like her.. 

I also went to a lecture hosted by Justice Mitchell titled “Social Selfie.” I have so many notes from this hour that I decided that it needs it’s own post. What do you think, are you interested in hearing more about the digital marketing guru talk about building your brand? Drop me a line!

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  1. Great review! Both women are so inspiring, staying true to breath-taking fashion. I intern for Valentina Kova, and lets just say, she’s very great to work with. Always inspiring us in the office to be the best at whatever we do, both in business and personal living.

    Delanique xo

    Published 4.15.15
    • Taylor wrote:


      Thank you so much for stopping by! I agree, she was a very inspiring speaker and I’m sure even more IRL.

      Published 4.15.15