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Let’s Stop Making Comments About Pregnant Women’s Weight, Shall We?

Call it a taboo subject, but I’m writing to you today to stop making comments about pregnant women’s weight. And I’m talking all kinds of comments — whether you think she looks large or small. Here’s what I mean…

I’ve always been a thicker built girl. “Big boned,” “thick,” “fat,” whatever you want to call it. I have a very specific body type, and if you’ve been a longtime reader I’m sure you’ve heard me mention my struggles with my weight before. So here’s the thing, since I’m a bigger girl, people all around me expected me to pack on the pounds during pregnancy… and that’s coming from the ones who will make comments or admit it to me. Hey, I even knew I’d need to be aware of it. But guess what? I haven’t. In fact, up until week 34 I was consistently loosing weight. Strange, I know! And that’s not without eating what feels like everything in sight! The doctors were not concerned though. Baby was/is still growing and measuring A++. They have reinforced to me over and over again that it’s not uncommon!

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Friends, family, heck even strangers, are constantly saying to me how I don’t look like I’m due at the end of this month, or how they can’t tell I’m even pregnant. Others say things like, “You’ve carried this baby so well, I can’t believe how well you’ve managed your weight.” Hey, I understand that they might be coming from a genuinely complimentary place, but they still sting. Comments about weight of any type usually sting.

As a consequence, I felt ashamed that I didn’t have this big and cute baby bump. I felt a little robbed. Well, as we make our way through the third trimester, baby didn’t want Momma to feel that way and the bump is officially large and in-charge. Which I LOVE! BUT. I have loved my body during this entire pregnancy! It is doing the best and coolest thing in this entire world, growing a new life! Can we stop all the comments making it seem less worthy? I am already regretting not taking more bump photos throughout this entire pregnancy. It wasn’t until 33 weeks that I snapped my first bump picture. I will cherish these two mirror pics forever. (And you better bet I’ve been taking one each week ever since!)

And for the ladies who are dealing with this on the opposite spectrum, when people deem it necessary to talk about a pregnant women’s weight being too large, I feel for you. If you’re getting comments like, “You sure there’s not two in there?”… People just stop. Please. It’s rude! And you don’t even realize it! Love, lots of tired & irritated pregnant women.

P.S. One of the first (and worst) symptoms I’ve dealt with is extremely swollen feet. So bad so, they don’t fit into most shoes. Besides flip flops, there are still a few pairs of slip-ons and loafers I can still rock. These black Steve Madden slip-ons you see me wearing above are one of my favorites of all time. Comfortable, stylish, plus they add a little height to this shortie. They come in lots of cute colors, too! I also recently picked up these Dr. Scholls stylish sneaks that are insanely comfortable as well.

P.S.S. Say hello to the new types of content I’ll be covering. After announcing where I’ve been during my hiatus, here is in introduction to what the new me sounds like. If pregnancy and my scary-yet-insanely-exciting venture into motherhood doesn’t interest you in my blog anymore, BYE FELICIA! This is just one of the many topics I’m going to be introducing to All The Things… I’m excited to be writing more personal conversations with you all!

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  1. Lisa Dudley wrote:

    Love you and this post!! I was huge with my first baby…. but I was so skinny prior to the pregnancy. Comments were hurtful. I loved being pregnant and missed carrying both babies when I delivered….. enjoy, my friend ❤️

    Published 10.8.19