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LEARN | Tips To Achieve Your Goals

goals Right after New Years comes all of the resolutions.. And nine times out of ten we don’t achieve them, am I right?! I’ve put together some of my biggest suggestions for getting shit done. Because we all need a push in the right direction sometimes.

1. Make Lists. Making lists is a really basic idea but it keeps you from getting distracted and keeps you going. Not to mention, it gives you instant gratification once everything’s crossed off. 

2. Work in Groups. By doing this you get exposed to new ideas. It also forces you to not just think about yourself. Most importantly it builds connections and friendships. (SCAD definitely forces this on you so I can relate 100%.) 

3. Rewards! What will make you keep going? Give yourself a little something for achieving your goal. It’ll make it that much better, I promise. 

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  1. Lizzie wrote:

    Needed to read this!! Thanks for putting it up at the most perfect time for me, ha.

    Published 2.8.15