LEARN | The In’s And Out’s Of Pinterest

pint Now that I’m about halfway through my summer internship (focusing in marketing aka social media) and a very educational and inspiring talk from Ahalogy at #SBScon, I am here to share with you everything I know about Pinterest.. Let me start by saying, I do not, by any means, know it all! I write these Learn posts in order to inspire and grow you all, as well as myself! Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far:

1. Best to pin early morning or late at night.

2. Thursday is the farthest reaching day.

3. Vertical is better.

4. Become more personal- Loose the logo as your profile picture, pinners want to know there’s something other than a robot behind that computer screen!

5. Your bio is where it’s at. Make it a good one!

6. Become verified- this is super easy. Once done you become searchable on Pinterest!

7. Last but not least, pin maximum of 25 images a day, being a mix between original and repined content.

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