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LEARN: How To Plan Your Posts

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When I started blogging I just did it whenever I had the time. Now that I have taken it to a more professional level I had to learn when I should be blogging. With the help of Google Analytics I learned that my most popular days were Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Because of this I try to plan out everything that is going to be on the blog for the month. I should say now though, that with this quarter’s work load I am 100% guilty of missing a post or two. But I try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Here’s how I do it:

1. Create a list of topics.

2. Think about the weekly/monthly features you want to include.

3. Think of the type of content you want to feature and how your audience will react to it.

4. Consider your goals when posting.

5. Don’t forget to consider the seasons, holidays and trends.

6. Create a calendar so you can visualize!

7. If you know you are going to be busy or on vacation, etc, write posts and save them as drafts! Then while you are away all you have to do is hit that Publish button! (My secret weapon tip! When I know I have upcoming projects due I get all the posts done I can when I have time.)

8. Incorporate guest bloggers, interviews, etc.

9. Work in a creative & clean space! This is why I included the image above. Your work environment has a huge impact on your work, believe it or not.

I have taken multiple blogging classes, lectures, everything else under the sun. This is a curation of ideas from these and my own tips in order to help you plan out a posting schedule! I hope they help. Is there anything you do that I forgot to mention?

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  1. Sehrish Dhanani wrote:

    Hi Taylor!

    I’m trying to start blogging so I was browsing through some blogs when I came across this post. Love it! I also love the clean look of your blog. I woud love to learn everything I can before launching my own blog. You said you’ve attended lectures and classes and I was wondering where I could find these classes? I live in Atlanta but wouldn’t mind commuting to Savannah. Any words of advise would be soo helpful!

    Love and respect,
    Sehrish Dhanani

    Published 11.8.13