Learn | 10 Post Ideas To Get You Inspired

inspiredpostideas So we all go through creative struggles right? With it being midterms and the craziness of life lately I got a little lost with blog ideas. Not making excuses, but just explaining why it’s been a little quiet. Well, after re-re-re-organized my desk (read: life) I have gotten myself inspired to create some amazing new content for the LCC. I had to go skimming through my blog notebooks for awhile though, and midst doodles I realized there’s probably 328203 bloggers out there doing the same. So, without further ado here’s 10 post ideas to get you inspired! I’d love to hear some ideas that you’ve had to get you re-inspired, please share in the comments section!

1. Show your readers your “mess.” I’m always saying how much your readers want to know you’re human too, and what’s more human then big, sticky messes? Yes we make HUGE messes just to get “the” shot.

2. Write a letter to someone who inspires you. Could be a family, friend, celebrity, fellow blogger, you name it! Because what other place is better than your space on the internet?

3. Create a playlist. Then listen to the songs you get recommended by your wonderful readers. (That’s you!) You’ll never believe how inspiring the right song can be.

4. Create a survey.

5. Host a guest blogger. Maybe you just don’t have anything that day to talk about!

6. Highlight a favorite shop/restaurant/etc. My new “Around Savannah” series is a new favorite!

7. Share your latest haul. I love talking about all of the beauty products that I am constantly buying and trying!

8. Share where you blog. Are you a desk gal? Or a coffee shop gal? Let us know a little more about the author!

9. Make a new series. There’s tons out there, some being “Makeup Monday” “Friday Furnishings” etc.

10. Start a weekly-wrap up. A guaranteed post you won’t have to think of an idea for!

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