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I Started Splurging on Facials (And How It’s Actually Saved Me Money In The Long Run)

I’m not your typical blogger. Usually, your regular blogger would be pushing you to buy all the latest and greatest beauty products on their radar. And trust me, I still try to keep up with this! But y’all, I’ve had a beauty revolution. It’s called facials. And finding yourself a damn good esthetician. Let me explain…

About a year ago I booked my first facial in probably ten years. I had a facial back when I was just about hitting puberty and getting acne, but it really wasn’t a great experience and I never wanted another one. Like for real, it hurt. I think I was a little traumatized from the entire thing that the word facial wasn’t even in my vocabulary anymore until a mutual friend was studying to become a fully licensed esthetician. She talked me into giving facials another try. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Its been about a year or so now that I’ve been getting regularly scheduled facials from Amanda at Skin Fitness. Amanda recommends facials to her clients (depending on everyone’s individual skin type) every 4-7 weeks. My appointments fall about every 5-6 weeks now. I’ve only missed one appointment due to traffic and you DID NOT want to be around me that day. Lol! Let’s talk why they caused me to have a full-on revolution:

A facial is like 60 minutes of pure, quiet relaxation.

There are only two things that can knock me into deep deep relaxation, and that is a facial or a massage. With as crazy as life has been and being a small business owner, it is truly so hard to turn that part of my brain off. I cherish my 60 mins with Amanda so much, plus it really is a great way to reset. I often leave refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle whatever is about to be thrown my way.

Turns out, you really don’t know your skin like your esti does.

Amanda is always sharing cute memes and social media graphics pertaining to being a esthetician. One that hit me hard? “Your esti should be your bestie.” IS THIS TRUE OR WHAT. I thought I had oily skin, turns out my skin is very combination, and often leans more on the dry side. I was using all of the wrong products, targeting the wrong things, and more. Amanda set the record straight, I took her word and advice from day one, and the improvements in my complexion are like instant gratification. It’s a great feeling when you start to see the differences first hand, plus people start commenting, and THEN your esthetician even sees you’ve been listening to her. That’s when it comes full circle!

How facials have saved me money in the long run…

This post could also be renamed to how a complete skincare product junkie was cutoff from her supply. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I was a serious product junkie! Between PR companies sending me goodies to try, scrolling through Instagram seeing all of the trendiest products everyone was talking about, to just simply walking into Ulta or Sephora and seeing a product with sleek packaging… I had to try them all.

When I started investing in facials, I figured it would only be beneficial to myself if I listened to Amanda’s skincare recommendations for at home as well. I now religiously only use her in-house line of Skin Script, which I buy directly through Amanda, as well as a few other products I keep on hand that she has approved and agreed will help my skincare. (Your girl still loves herself a good face mask. Read more in this post!) Honestly, there were so many steps that my skincare routine was missing (a great post for another day) that Amanda corrected. I’m extremely grateful for my simplified, yet effective routine! And so is Harrison for that matter, he now has two drawers in our bathroom vanity, LOL.

Isn’t that like, a lot of money?

Whenever I mention that I have a facial or anything, I get the comments like, “Oh, must be nice,” or “Wow, what a luxury.” First up, maybe I’m still on my high horse after writing this post about body image, but ladies let’s stop making others feel bad for spending money on themselves or indulging in a little pampering! YOU freaking deserve that facial or gel mani! Second off, no actually not really! Amanda’s custom one hour facials cost $70. Sure, you can add on services or products on top of that, but she’s already tailoring the one hour around what you and your skin needs. For what I consider the best facial around, that is a STEAL. Most salons in our area start at $90.

Have I converted you to the dark side yet? I’m getting excited for my facial coming up just thinking about it. Full disclosure: this post was NOT sponsored by Amanda! I am not getting any free services or products in return for writing this. I just thought the girl needed a little praise. When you do decide to go out and book a facial, make sure it’s with an esthetician you can talk to and ask questions. I still sometimes send her random questions about my skin, text her photos of skincare or makeup products I’m thinking about trying, etc.

And if you are local in the area and decide to book a facial with Amanda, make sure you tell her I sent you 😉 She also offers lash lifts, waxing, and more! Check out her website for more info.

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