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How I Feel About Getting Back In Front Of The Camera

Wow, it feels all too familiar, yet all so new getting back in front of the camera to shoot outfit photos. The last outfit post that was published on this blog (you can find it here) was in March of 2018. Wow, almost two freaking years ago. What better way to kick off the new me and new outfit posts than with this freaking amazing purple sweater?!

When I decided to come back to blogging, I knew I would still want to share things about my outfits — since, point blank, I’m still style obsessed. Always have been, always will be. That’s not going anywhere! One problem though — I just had a baby and uh, hello crazy postpartum emotions, thoughts, self-doubts, etc.

I did talk about how we’re doing during the fourth trimester in this post, but if there’s anything I can explain about adjusting to postpartum life, it’s that there are good days and bad days. And that’s how I would say I feel about my body and SEEING my body on camera.

For the most part, pregnancy was surprisingly great for my body and my weight! At my six week postpartum checkup, I actually weighed in LESS then my first sonogram. I know, crazy. But with eliminating so many bad things out of my body for the sake of the baby, that resulted in loosing weight throughout the first and second trimesters. By the time the third trimester came around, I was in fact gaining weight but when I delivered I was only 15 pounds heavier than my beginning weight.

I obviously understand this does not happen for everyone. And it’s not without challenges on its own. I’m now focusing on keeping it off. Which if you’ve struggled with your weight, you understand the struggle that can be. Plus, just because the number on the scale is lower, my body is not the same. Things have shifted, drooped, every other adjective you can think of, ha!

Just like most women, seeing your body on a computer screen is much different than what you envision it to be. (At least in my case.) After getting these photos back from my photoshoot with Alex, I’ve decided to let them motivate me instead of making me feel bad about myself. I mean, this amazing body birthed our son! The best thing that has ever happened to our lives, and yes, I CREATED, NURTURED, and DELIVERED him. How freaking crazy is it to think about that?! The shame I used to feel about my hips, carry him. They carried him for nine months inside me, and now they carry him around in life. I’m pretty damn proud of these hips!

P.S. Totally having a moment with this lilac color! I never thought I’d be so into a purple sweater but I love it. This specific one is from a super cute boutique in Annapolis, but I linked a bunch of similar purple sweaters below, in addition to the rest of my outfit details!

What I’m Wearing: Sweater- Whimsicality Boutique in Annapolis, MD Jeggings- SPANX (Wearing a 3x. Read my SPANX review here.) Shoes- Steve Madden Earrings- Magnolia Rifle Sunglasses- RAEN (Prime!) Bracelets- Little Words Project

Photos by Alex Ashman

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  1. rachel wrote:

    You look gorgeous, Taylor! Totally obsessing over this lilac poncho on you, the color is amazing and it’s so flattering and cozy. Obsessed with your earrings, too.


    Published 2.4.20