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Gift Giving For Him With Braun



If you know me, you know that I literally count the days from September 1st until Christmas. I’m the girl that’s buying presents all year long in order to make sure each of my friends and family members receives the perfect gift. (Wrapped up beautifully too, since we all know my stance on packaging.) And I know it’s only the first day of autumn, but you gotta start thinking ahead! With that being said, somehow the men always are left until last. I don’t know what it is, but I find it extremely hard to shop for the special men in my life. Harrison doesn’t let on what it is that he wants very easily, his dad just buys everything he could ever need for himself, and my uncle is just a simple man. He doesn’t need much. But do you know what would make all of them happy? A high quality, sophisticated Braun cruZer! I was already determined to get my shopping done earlier this year, but when Braun approached me to try out this product I just knew it would work perfectly for the men in my life. I first hopped over to their Pinterest page to get a little inspired, tons of great #BeardGoals and tips.





If you’re unaware of Braun, their products are known for their reliability, longevity and sustainability. Their cruZer6 beard&head is perfect for hair cuts, full beards, goatees, or stubble.



When it comes to any type of electronic or technology, I like to try before I buy. I don’t want to give a product to someone if I don’t believe in it’s capability. So, before I gave my men the Braun cruZer, I enlisted my other half Harrison to try it out.

To sum it up, he loved it. He has a reputation of his beard getting a little out of control. Okay, you caught me, it gets a lot out of control. In fact, he won’t even give it a good ol’ trim unless he’s going to a formal function or I protest. Plus, by Christmas, No-shave November will be well over and those who partakes will be needing the best shave of their life. But, alas, there’s nothing like a freshly trimmed, rich smelling man. Anybody with me? (I know, the women population is equally divided when it comes to beards, that’s a whole different conversation.)


He’s here to share with us the top five grooming gifts your men will love this holiday season!

  1. Braun cruZer6 beard&head- Like Taylor said, I really really liked this product. Trust me, after shaving with everything under the sun, the Braun cruZer has the best combination of straight razor and trimmer. It works perfectly for both my jungle of a neck beard and for the once-a-month hair trim. Not to mention, the fact that I can use the same unit to trim my hair when it becomes a billion degrees in the South is amazing.
  2. Gillette Shave Foam- Coming from a man who usually swears by the old school barber shop experience, I was pleasantly surprised when I used Gillette’s shave foam. With my sensitive skin, the Gillette’s foam is soft and smooth and doesn’t give you that terrible shaving road rash you get with some others. Along with a splash of hot water after each stroke and going along the grain instead of against, this is the hidden gem of shaving.
  3. Old Spice Classic After Shave- To be completely transparent here, I skipped this step for most of my adult years. I’ve recently embraced it though because it makes Taylor happy. (Ha!) I never understood why someone would want there neck to smell good. After using Old Spice’s classic after shave (demanded by Taylor herself), I saw the light. It didn’t hurt that this product is under $10, much different from a lot of after shave products on the market. Being a believer of the burn of after shave, I was surprised that there was very little and that the smell was actually pretty nice (the inner lumberjack in me was a little disappointed it isn’t pine tree scented, joking). But really though, this or the shaving foam would make great stocking stuffers!
  4. ‘Hugo RED’ Cologne- So of course I could tell you that this cologne has the perfect mix of fruit and spicy and has a top hint of grapefruit. BUT, I’m not a buff dude on the beach with long flowing hair in the wind. Along with shaving my beard completely, I rarely even used cologne. So when I tried out the Hugo RED cologne, I was really excited that the smell wasn’t overbearing and still had that manly smell.
  5. A Cool Dopp/Travel Kit For All Of His Products-  First off, who doesn’t travel with a plastic bag of toiletries? It’s just simple and done right? Well let me tell you how wrong you are. Recently my grandfather passed down his original “home visit” medical bag and its perfect to fit everything in, plus you get cool points for something vintage. But don’t fear, Taylor and I linked some awesome Dopp kits below if you’re not lucky enough to find a vintage one.

Photos by Hannah Kik Shopbar

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  1. katie wrote:

    Loved this post, Taylor! I don’t have a bf, but I think guys are SUPER hard to buy for so I will definitely keep these ideas in mind. Also, is it weird that I too love the smell of Old Spice….

    ​​xx katie // A Touch of Teal

    Published 9.23.15
    • Taylor wrote:

      Haha, don’t worry, SO DO I! I have to beg my boyfriend to wear it.


      Published 9.23.15