Friday Five | 7.31.15

FridayFive_roundup_aroundtheweb_read_7.30.15 It’s Grace here again stopping in to share our monthly roundup, and we’re celebrating innovation on this Friday Five! Whether it’s innovation in the marriage of fashion design and tech, reimagining the nation’s license plates, or simply saying yes to multiple face masks to whip your troublesome skin into shape. Happy reading my friends!

WEB 1. This Rising Designer 3-D Printed an Entire Collection at Home – Using an amazing blend of tech and fashion design, Danit Peleng has created what looks like lace, but really is 3-D printed material in her first collection out of college. Watch the video to be amazed and inspired!

2. Forever21 Unveils a Giant, Crazy Machine That Re-creates Your Instagram Photos In Thread – Taking interactive fashion and social media to the next level, Forever 21 created a giant “thread screen” to take your instagram photos and turn them into textile art.

3. Your State’s License Plate, Redesigned! – Ever thought to yourself, “Huh, why does my state’s license plate look like this?” You’re not alone. Atlanta-based graphic designer Jonathan Lawrence has reimagined the state’s plates with this awesome roundup. What’s your favorite?

4. Chicken and Chickpea Green Goddess Power Salad – This salad has my name all over it, perfect for those sticky summer days when eating anything heavier is unbearable. Chicken and chickpeas provide power packed protein to keep you full all day.

5. Try “Multimasking” For Your Face – Most of us have different types of skin even on the same face. I personally, cannot keep my chin dry while my forehead is in need of serious moisturizer. Treat yourself to an end of the summer multimask!


1. #LCCSummerEssentials – A fun miniseries that just ended yesterday, sharing all of Taylor’s summer essentials from beauty to even packing a cooler for those beach days!

2. SBScon Recap In A Nutshell – We all saw all of the beautiful instagrams on our favorite blogger’s feeds, so now we’re all wondering what’s the hype about #SBScon?! I really enjoyed reading Taylor’s recap and even getting to see peaks of the beautiful Charleston!

3. Healthy Ground Turkey & Quinoa Bowl – I honestly serve quinoa with about everything. It was nice getting to see another use for my favorite pasta alternative!

4. Another Day, Another Dress – Doesn’t every girl just want to throw on an easy dress and go in the summer heat? You can’t beat this gorgeous one with a flattering silhouette, interesting print mixing, and even that adorable tie in the back!

5. My Discovery Of It Cosmetics – Last but not least, the latest beauty post on the LCC which thoroughly reviewed each product from It Cosmetics. I genuinely want to go out and try some of these now!

 Written and Curated for the LCC by Grace Toulotte, United by Love Design

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