Friday Five | 4.17.15

Blog_4.17.15With tax day behind us, we can finally focus on other (read: more fun) things! This week we have a round up of the best of the web: one woman’s work uniform, ice cream that thoroughly expresses a woman’s struggle, how to get a killer beach braid, and climate change reform through emojis. Stick with me on the last one, okay?

1. How To Get Lauren Conrad’s Beachy Side Braid – Definitely going to be trying this hairstyle with my new shorter locks. Love that John Freida’s Beach Blonde Salt Spray is back too, plus it smells amazing!

2. Ice Cream That Understands PMS – What a great project from young graphic designer Parker Jones that really expresses how us ladies feel for one week a month. Can I get an AMEN?

3. Why I Wear The Same Thing To Work Every Day – Reading Saatchi & Saatchi art director Melinda Kahl’s reasoning behind her developing her work uniform of black pants, white silk shirts, and a leather rosette really made want a work uniform of my own! While I’m at it, I’ll refer to Business Insider’s work wardrobe cheat sheet..

4. Beauty Hack: Hair Line Eye Shadow – Loving this uncommon trick to disguise an uneven hairline. Maybe not for everyday use, but for a slick evening ponytail look, this is your go to.

5. Pentagram Designs Climate Change Posters Made of Emojis – Only famed NYC design firm Pentagram could create such clever posters about a serious topic. Love this idea and more importantly, the sentiment behind it!

Written and Curated for the LCC by Grace Toulotte, United by Love Design

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