Friday Five | 3.06.15

FridayFive_3.5.15-01 Happy Friday everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been a little behind on posting lately, finals have extremely caught up to me this quarter. One of my goals for the LCC this year was to expand, expand, expand. I’m so excited to introduce to you my first guest contributor! Grace is a graphic designer, brand consultant and avid “Internet-er” living and working in Ocean City, MD (my hometown!) Her work can be seen over on her rad website! She would love to work with you on your next design project, so reach out to her! Every Friday she will be bringing to you a new series called the “Friday Five,” highlighting the best web articles, news, and whatever else exciting that happened this week. We hope you like it!

1. Alexa Chung On How To Survive Fashion Week –  I think I speak for all girls when I say, I love Alexa Chung. If I’m scrolling online and I see an article about her, I’m clicking on it. In what was probably the most unique video about London Fashion Week that I’ve seen, Vogue gave Ms. Chung a camera and had her document the LFW’s events as only she can.

2. Start Beauty Shopping At Whole Foods – As someone who’s never really been into skin care, I usually shrug off these types of articles. But as someone who never says no to a Whole Foods trip, I was pleased to see two products that are now part of my arsenal on this list. My boyfriend Josh and I recently discovered Weleda Skin Food while shopping for Christmas gifts at an amazing local natural food shop. This stuff literally cures the driest hands and even chapped lips, heels, and elbows. I personally think it smells amazing, but others find it to smells like “stale airplane air” which I think is misguided.

So full disclosure, I’m a person who was cursed with textbook combination skin. I’m slathering on the moisturizer in the winter fearing the dreaded forehead flakes but I’m powdering my nose to high heaven for the rest of the year. To combat this, I’ve been using what I consider to be the best clay mask out there: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This stuff is the bomb dot com. I have been a serious skeptic of anything that claims to remove blackheads and tighten pores, but I’m telling you- it works! Added benefit: while the mask is on, you can can selfies and scare your friends via SnapChat.

3. What Would Madame Vionnet Make of Goga Ashkenazi? –  Fascinated by this account of an ex-oil and gas tycoon who dominated the petroleum scene in her native Kazakhstan and then in 2012, at 32 years old decides to buy historic fashion house Vionnet and install herself as head designer. Talk about a career shift.

4. Spicy Cavatelli with Zucchini and Leeks – Dying to try this recipe from Bon Appetit since I’ve never been one for leeks and I’ve been trying to expand my palette. We just have to find good looking zucchinis at the grocery store first. Or, wait until Spring!

5. Tech Designer, 91, lands her dream job in Silicon Valley – A little inspiration to get you through your Friday! I love this woman. I hope to be as vibrant as she is when I’m 91. This really shows how a love of design can transcend age.

Written and Curated for the LCC by Grace Toulotte, United by Love Design  

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