Fiddle Figs 101 (& How To Style Them)

Oh, the fiddle leaf fig. Let’s talk about the plant of the year for a hot sec.

Have you heard of the fiddle leaf fig, or the ficus lyrata rather? This plant has taken the world by storm, very deservingly so as I have never seen a fiddle leaf fig look bad or out of place. I have a funny fiddle leaf fig saga of my own, as it literally took me 4 months to find this little baby… His name is Theo. (And yes, it’s a baby. I couldn’t find a tall boy!) When we were decorating the Lt Grey offices I knew I wanted a fiddle leaf fig. In fact, I wanted one so badly that I even posted about it on Facebook, asking my friends and family to keep an eye out for one. I mean come on, this baby is adorable and comes in handy for styling photos.

Since I figured that I’m sure I’m not the only one with a fiddle leaf fig obsession, it’s time to break down this elusive plant. Let’s talk about how to care for them and also how to style them in your home.

How To Care For Your Fig 

I have a few big tips that have made a huge difference in my little fig baby.

1. Place Correctly.

Fiddle leaf figs like bright, indirect light. This is key for Theo.

2. Don’t Overwater!

I recently found this thing called “The Plant Nanny” via a fellow blogger. Y’all, these things are where it’s at. You simply fill a recycled bottle with water, flip it upside down into this terracotta spike, and stick it into the soil. It ensures the life of Theo by only releasing the water that the plant needs. Genius!

3. He needs his vitamins.

I buy the single serving options to easily mix into my watering can.

4. Rotate, don’t relocate.

Unfortunately I had to learn this one the hard way. Fiddle leaf figs are pretty fussy, so naturally they don’t want to be moved around a lot. They do need to be turned however, to ensure that your tree doesn’t grow lopsidedly to one direction. (If not it will lean in towards the light.)

5. Pay attention to his leaves.

Because of their size, fiddle fig’s leaves tend to collect a lot of dust. To keep the plant healthy (dust can block light absorption), wipe dust off with a soft cloth. Theo is a fussy baby, remember?

Tips For Styling Your Fig

1. Find the perfect planter.

This seems like a no-brainer, but I promise it makes a huge difference. Look for things like unique textures, unexpected colors, or even a basket.

2. Placement is key.

As I mentioned above, where you place your fiddle leaf fig is very important. I think they look the best when in a corner, or flanking something in your home.

3. Use the vibrant color as an accent.

That green tho! It’s such a beautiful piece on its own, but it becomes even better when next to printed pillows, an accent rug, or beautiful wall art. This isn’t just a plant people, it’s a true accent to your home!

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