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DIY | Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas & Inspiration

scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_3 scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_4 scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_1 scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_6 scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_5 scotch_expressions_create_holiday_wrapping_gift_presents_christmas_tree_washi_tape_paper_7It’s officially after Thanksgiving, which means it’s acceptable to talk about/start gift wrapping! I’m OBSESSED with gift wrapping!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy coming home after a long day, blasting some music, pouring myself a glass of wine, and relaxing while getting my wrapping done. Creativity always has and always will be my salvation. And what better way to let your creativity shine through?! My family members have even gone as far as hiring me to wrap their presents and my boyfriend calls me the “Christmas Nerd.”

I’m super excited to team up with Scotch® to share with you some holiday wrapping ideas and inspiration! I’m a diehard believer in their products, and as always would never share something that I don’t believe in. I chose to share with you four of my go-to ways to use their Scotch® Expressions Tapes, as well as their Scotch® Create Double Sided Tape that I use pretty much on a daily basis. When gift wrapping I think it’s fun to incorporate as many different elements as possible. Size, ribbons, tags, textures.. this is what’s going to make your present pop! Somethings that I swear by are garlands (this could even be a fun DIY on its own!), ribbon and raffia, miniature ornaments, and scraps from holiday decor. I found all of the Scotch® Brand products I needed at Walmart, and headed to some of my other favorite stores to find an eclectic assortment of wrapping supplies (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Anthropologie, and Homegoods.) Here I used a plain craft paper (like this one) to wrap three out of four presents. My favorite out of all of them was making my own fun print with using metallic washi tape! I just simply cut strips of the tape and made a pattern on three of the sides. I didn’t pay attention much to making each the same size and think that it adds a little whimsical touch. I also used the same product to accent my gold bow on the other present. I was personally a fan of this line of tapes because of the variety that Scotch® offers and they’re all super fun printed or colored! For the two presents that I didn’t use the Scotch® Expressions Tapes, I attached my garland and tags with my favorite craft product on the market: Scotch® Create Double Sided Tape. Seriously you guys, this stuff works wonders.

So get to it y’all, let’s do some wrapping! Have you ever thought of having a wrapping party with your friends? I think it’d be super fun to host, have each person bring a different element to the wrapping and their gifts, and have some fun. I’ll bring the tape!


Photos by Harrison Albertrecreatethelook

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