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step1 step2 step3 step4 step5 step6 step7 Good morning loves! I am so excited to share with you a DIY today! I am honestly making things constantly, but always forget to document things. In an art school you are constantly thinking of new ways to do things, being inspired and taught new things. I am thankful of this as I moved into a new home this past month and am slowing decorating, one room at a time. It is such a daunting process! I am always so inspired by my favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess. I saw this DIY there and rendered it to fit my needs. Harrison’s parents were nice enough to hand-us-down this dining room table, and bought us this bench from Ikea. We thrifted these two chairs and they almost match exactly. I wanted to add something to make this room more cozy. These furry chair covers were just it! Here’s how to make some of your own:


Faux fur

Cotton fabric

Canvas trim or ribbon of some sorts


Measuring tape



1. First start by measuring your chairs and how much of them you want to be covered. Next measure and cut your fabric.

2. Pin together your fur and cotton fabric. You want to pin them so facing sides are together, leaving a gap in one corner.

3. Next, sew all sides except the gap. Trim excess along seams and turn inside out. Then stitch up the gap and you have your covers!

4. Finally, hand stitch your ribbon to the tops of the cotton fabric to attach to your chairs. Wha-la!

I really love how this DIY turned out! Our dining nook is in our hallway so I tend to pass by it a lot. It simply makes me smile each time I see these furry additions! Make some of your own and tag them with #thelccathome in order for me to see!

EAT sign- Target (painted blue) Feather decals- Target Bench, Throw Pillows, and Rug- Ikea Placemats- Homegoods 

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