Commercial Photography By Harrison Albert

h_2 h_1 h_3 h_4 h_6 h_5  So many of you are well aware that 90% of the photos on the LCC are taken by my boy Harrison. For a change I wanted to mix it up and instead of posting photos of myself, here’s a look into what Harrison actually wants to do with his talent, photographing me is just something I nag him to do. How good are these product shots above?! Lucky me gets to snoop at his photos all the time but I wanted you to too. Above are his shots from his final for Controlled Lighting class at SCAD. He photographed some of my favorite beverages, his Nixon watch that his wonderful girlfriend bought him at Chauncey’s, a Canon 5D Mark ii, and a necklace by Alberto Parada. Love watching this boy create beautiful photos!

All Photos by Harrison 

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