Blogger Spotlight: Stephanie the New York Fashion Hunter

nyfh_1 I’m excited to share with you a little interview with Stephanie of New York Fashion Hunter today. This fashionista has worked for major magazines such as Mirabella, Elle, Home Journal, produced ads for Barney’s New York, and even produced ads for campaigns from Keds to Calvin Klein. You ask, she’s done it. There’s something so admirable about all of that experience for me. Oh, and she’s the proud momma of two girls! Here’s what Stephanie has to say..

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging since September 2011. 

How has blogging affected you and your career?

Blogging is my hobby and I want to turn it into a career. I have been an editor, stylist, and a personal stylist. Blogging is my way to turn all of my ideas into reality by posting them on my site.

nyfh_3Where do you gather inspiration?

I gather inspiration from the streets, websites, travel, runways, basically everywhere. 

nyDescribe your personal style in three words..

Modern, chic with a twist, edgy.

nyfh_6What are some of your latest trends you are “hunting?”

Flippy skirts, camo, print on print, layering denims.

Share something with us that haven’t been asked..

I love sharing all my ideas and empowering women on how to dress without breaking the bank. nyfh_2 Special thanks to Stephanie for wanting to be a part of the LCC.

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