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paulaschoice_skincare_review_beauty_blogger_Today’s post is a sensitive one for me. Sure, I talk about my fair share of makeup and hair products here on the blog, but one thing I hardly talk about is skincare. That’s honestly because I still don’t have my skincare regimen 100% mastered. I have combination skin, which is prone to breakouts, very sensitive, and has dry spots. I’ve probably tried every product you can think of, except Paula’s Choice that is. I suffered from severe acne for most of my teenage years, and even now as a young adult. When the team asked me to do a review I knew I had to try the well known line. Before I get into it I need to say that I have NEVER been a girl to use this much product on a daily basis. Call me a minimalist? I can definitely see a difference though and will be now carving out an extra ten minutes everyday to make sure my skin gets the care it deserves from now on.

Let’s start by saying I have never felt more understood by a brand before. Before I even received the products we had a full consultation. No more playing the guessing game on what products you need, and I LOVE that! I know I’m not the only one who just stares at an aisle full of different products in the store. Also, they give you a full report on what order and when to use what! How genius is that?! The Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Collection consists of six products designed to be used together to calm redness and relieve irritation. I’m obsessed with how lightweight and how hydrating the entire line is. They can be used and purchased individually, but I obviously suggest using them collectively for best results. If you’re still not convinced, Paula’s Choice offers a 100% money back guarantee (within 60 days)! Here’s what we found works best for me:

1. Redness Relief Cleanser  – Start your routine by cleansing. This is a really nice gel consistency and works wonders to get rid of leftover makeup, etc.

2. Redness Relief Toner  Once your skin is clean apply this product with a cotton swab. The toner is designed to replenish and soothe the skin. I’m used to my skin looking even more red and irritated after using a toner but this product proved me wrong!

3. Redness Relief 1% BHA Lotion Exfolient – This is a lightweight lotion that I use once a day all over. It leaves my skin feeling extraordinarily smooth, it exfoliates and unclogs pores, and evens my skin tone overall.

4. Redness Relief Moisturizers – I use the SPF moisturizer for the daytime and the other for night. It just needs to be said how this moisturizer with SPF leaves you shine-free! I’ve stopped using so many previously because of this reason. They’re both extremely lightweight!

Overall I am absolutely LOVING the results I am seeing! I have now been using the line for almost two weeks. It’s crazy what that little of a time can do to your skin! Also all LCC readers receive 20% off their first order when shopping with me! 

This post was sponsored by Paula’s Choice via PRIMP. All photos and opinions are obviously my own and I would never share something with you that I don’t love. Thank you for supporting the brands and products that keep the LCC up and running.

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    ive heard so many great things about this product! thanks for sharing!

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    This review rocks my world – Glad you are such a fan of the products! xo -JessPRIMP

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