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Beauty | My Go-To Braid Tutorial


goody_hair_brushes_tutorial_walmartHappy Monday everyone! I’ve been go, go, go lately and consequently, effortless is the name of the game as of late. This braided half-do is a look that makes you seem put-together but really only takes about five extra minutes of your routine. Keep reading if you need some more easy hair hacks in your life!


Step 1: I usually shower before I go to bed and then let my hair air dry over night. So, when I wake up I start by spraying my favorite detangling spray and brushing it through with the Goody TangleFix Brush. This is my favorite brush of all time because it has flexible bristles for everyday detangling. Pro tip: Detangling is easier when you start at the bottom. Once you’ve gotten through the knots at the ends head up towards your roots. 

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Step 2: Since my hair has a bit of a natural wave and I’m not about that life of straightening every single f*ing piece at 7 AM, I simply use my straightener to curl the ends towards my face. Next I brush my whole head through with the Goody Amp It Up Medium Round Brush. I learned from my beauty-loving-friends that a round brush is your best friend when wanting to straighten, smooth, or even create volume. Here it simply makes my natural wave a little more cohesive around my head and looks like a fun beach wave. Since I use a lot of product I also brush through with the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush.  The copper bristles reduce natural buildup, as well as product buildup, that is produced over time. In response this leaves your hair looking healthier and more radiant!




Step 3: Next, section off hair on the right with the Goody Straight Talk Boar Styler Brush and braid it backwards starting about 2 inches from the roots. Repeat this step on the other side. This brush helps flyways, which hello, I have tons of! Finally, secure sections in back with bobbi pins, clip, or hair tie.


Ta-Da! Now do you know what I mean by super simple?! I love hair styles that are quick but elevate your look to a new level. I found all of my brushes at my local Walmart. I love that Goody brushes are stylish (I mean, look at this copper accented one!), great quality, and don’t break the bank. Head over to their site to find more hair tutorials! What’s your favorite quick hair style?

This post was sponsored by Goody via Collective Bias. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep the LCC doors open!

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  1. Denise wrote:

    I love this tutorial! Keeps the hair away from the face AND it looks cute. Your hair looks so silky smooth and shiny too after all the brushing! #client

    Published 3.16.16
  2. Reese robins wrote:

    Hi Taylor! I told you I looked at this and. I wasn’t lying either. I can’t wait to try to do this to my own hair! It will be a lot of fun!

    Published 3.24.16