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Beauty | Get Un-Ready With Me

un_ready Hello LCC readers, it’s Emilie! Over the past year, I’ve learned that the skincare basics really are simple to maintain but sometimes it’s necessary to take that extra step to treat and pamper. I drink loads of water, always wash off my makeup before bed and moisturize twice a day but without a more intense, weekly treatment, my skin wouldn’t be as healthy as it is today. My skin is in no way perfect, I usually have to deal with a monthly, hormonal breakout, (ladies, you know what I mean), but it is clean and hydrated. I’ve come up with this weekly routine that leaves my skin looking and feeling nourished.

1.    Begin by gently taking your makeup off with the Aveeno ultra-calming makeup removing wipes. I love to do this when I’m actually in the shower. The steam and hot water dampens the wipes, moistens my skin and opens my pores so every bit of makeup really does come off.

2.     Next wash your face with the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. You all know by now that this is my go-to cleanser but I haven’t specifically explained why. This product is dermatologist-recommended and it has a creamy consistency, which makes it extremely gentle. I avoid washing my face with foaming cleansers. They strip the skin and cause an uncomfortable tightness that increases dehydration. Even if you have oily skin, a hydrating, creamy cleanser will work better for you. Moisture will never perpetuate oil or acne, instead it will work to mend and heal.

3.     My biggest problem with exfoliating scrubs is that they cause micro-tears in the skin, which invite bacteria that can cause breakouts and an uneven texture on the outer epidermal layer. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub gently exfoliates, moisturizes and conditions, and treats breakouts. I use this after I’ve cleansed.

4.     Once my face is clean and dry I apply a thin film of the Baby Smooth Skin Clear Peeling Gel. This gel feels like a serum and works to slough off dead skin cells. This is a pretty intense form of exfoliation, comparable to a facial peel but it leaves your skin feeling soft instead of irritated.

5.     A clean, exfoliated face is the perfect canvas for a proper treatment. Before bed I like to mix a pretty generous amount of the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Masque with a few drops of rosehip oil. The mask delivers instant hydration, which helps to restore, replenish and calm the skin. Rosehip oil, or what I like to call miracle oil, treats anti-aging, scars and stretch marks, sun damage, acne and dry and sensitive skin. This oil gives the GlamGlow mask an extra boost.

Disclaimer: I am not paid or sponsored by any of the aforementioned companies to talk about their products. I’m discussing and recommending these things because I love and benefit from them and I hope you will too! But of course different things work for different people so results may vary.Shopbar

Written and Curated for the LCC by Emilie Louizides

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  1. katie wrote:

    I love learning about how others take their makeup off! I swear by St. Ives too!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

    Published 9.13.15