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makeup_3makeup_1 makeup_2 It’s time to talk beauty my friends. For so long now I’ve been doing it wrong. I was tired of my makeup melting off, my face looking oily and gross, and just sick of it all. Seriously, makeup and I had a little hiatus, and I’m warning you it was not a good look. Finally I was wandering Macy’s one day with my mom and the ladies’ makeup working at the MAC counter was absolutely flawless. I stopped and asked a little more about her routine, told her mine, and we worked to finally put together something suiting for my skin. I was absolutely blown away at the results. (and the speediness!) All I do is first apply MAC’s Prep + Prime Face Protection. I love this product because it also has an SPF 50 to protect my face all day from the sun. I then apply MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment. I apply this to my T-zone and it automatically absorbs the excess oil that will later make your face all shiny. This is the foolproof part people! It is also great for touch ups through out the day because you can see the oil disappear once applied. Next comes concealer and foundation. I swear by my Makeup Forever concealer and Clinique Acne Solutions foundation. After this I apply my powder and blush and I’m out the door! I very rarely pile on the eye makeup, so it’s nice to have a radiating skin routine.

Photos by Harrison Albert

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