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Spring favorite makeup cosmetics products for the lipsHello LCC readers, it’s your beauty editor Emilie! I feel like I’m constantly writing about products I already have so I thought it would be fun to switch gears today and talk about what my makeup bag is missing. (Check out my favorites for the eyes and for the face!) With Spring quickly approaching (THANK GOD) I have lip care routines, lip product innovations, and new lip colors on my mind. So let’s just hop right in to ~*Lip Land*~ and fantasize about future purchases.

Scrubs: Lip scrubs with natural oils and sugars buff and condition lips to satiny, plump perfection. Since I’m running low on my LUSH lip scrub and I don’t have a backup I’m planning to make my own. I haven’t experimented with DIY lip scrubs before so I’m going to start simple with extra virgin olive oil and organic brown sugar.

Butters: There’s lip balm and then there’s lip butter and lately lip butter sounds much more appealing. Balms generally just hang out on the top layer of my lips without actually doing their job of getting in there and moisturizing. Ciaoobelllxo (a girl named Meg, who I’ve been following on Youtube for years) recommends Korres’ Lip Butter. She says it’s the only lip butter that provides intense moisture–something she and I both constantly crave, and I totally trust her.

Plumper: I love big, exaggerated lips–big exaggerated features in general actually. I think some of the coolest, most fascinating faces are created through the process of plastic surgery. But I’m twenty-two and not looking to mess with a good thing so instead of injecting my lips with filler I’m going to try the Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment by Glamglow, which is said to both plump and prime lips for color.

Stain: I’ve vowed to make a change when shopping for new makeup by supporting brands that empower smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial women. Milk Makeup is a high-tech, low maintenance line for girls who spend less time getting done up and more time getting stuff done. Milk’s Oil Lip Stain is said to be mess free, long wearing and moisturizing–everything a busy girl needs!

Gloss: Can we all agree that the worst thing about lip gloss is that it feels sticky? Glossy lips are gorgeous but sometimes it just isn’t worth the terrible sensory experience. In glides Buxom’s Full-On Lip Cream, a gloss that is meant to feel creamy (duh), not sticky. This product also tingles and creates a plumping effect, making it the perfect partner to the Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment if you’re looking for a super-pout.

Stain: (Yes, another one!) Stainiac by The Balm Cosmetics is a total throwback makeup product. I first heard about the balm years ago when I watched my very first makeup tutorial on YouTube. I was young, probably about twelve, and my curiosity for makeup was intense. Stainiac was my first online makeup purchase. I haven’t bought this product since my preteen years (most likely because Sephora doesn’t carry The Balm) but it’s obviously on my list! My twelve-year-old self loved the way this lip stain looked and felt.

Lipstick: It’s nearly impossible for me to handle the perfection that is this Saint Laurent Rogue Volupté Shine Lipstick. I’m intrigued by this product’s  “innovative and comforting” description. I believe it’s the fruit extracts, vitamins and antioxidants that work to create a pleasurable wearing experience. I already know this lipstick will be my springtime splurge; I’m just having major anxiety over which color to choose.

Lipstick: For those of you who opt for matte finishes over any other, I’m thinking Buxom’s Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick might be for you. I’m personally not a matte girl, which is why I’ll buy this lipstick in a satin finish, but I’ve tested the matte formula for a colleague who was looking for an honest review. This lipstick stayed matte, stayed put and didn’t make my lips feel crazy parched like most matte formulas usually do.Shopbar

Written and Curated for the LCC by Emilie Louizides

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