Beauty | A Foundation Routine for Every Skin Type

beauty_emilieFinding a makeup product that works with your skin type can be a challenge. Finding multiple products that work in harmony to suit your skin type all at once can be even more difficult. I’ve been wearing and testing different products for many years, all while my skin has undergone numerous changes. The collection of products I’m talking about today make up the ultimate foundation routine. The moisturizer and primer won’t increase shine on an oily person or aggravate texture and patchiness on a dry person. The foundation, concealer and setting powders will work together simultaneously to brighten and mattify the skin for a universally sought after look.

Apply Moisturizer. Water hydrates from the inside while moisturizer hydrates from the outside. We don’t need moisturizer like we need water to survive but it absolutely improves the quality of our skin. Whether you’re dry, oily or acne-prone, moisturizer (like this one from Cerave) will work to balance and regulate the the pH in your skin, the first step to acheiving a flawless face.

Prime. Here’s a prime example (LOL) of how to take the next step. If you don’t prime a wall before painting it, the imperfections will show through much like blemishes and hyper-pigmentation will emerge without primer on skin. The Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizing Smoothing Primer fills pores, evens out texture and extends the life of your foundation.

Mix up a cosmetic cocktail. Mixing a few drops of your favorite beauty oil into your foundation is like adding a splash of Malibu to your Hawaiian punch, it just gives it that wonderful boost. And yes, Hawaiian punch and Malibu is my all-time favorite cocktail, and yes, I know you’re probably cringing. Anyway, moving on; Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation by Chanel work together to create a luminous, dewy, natural glow that can only be improved with spot treating, if necessary.

Conceal and brighten. Any concealer that covers, brightens and lasts all day has a special place in my makeup collection. The Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars has been one of my top concealers for years. While it applies like butter it doesn’t dry to a cakey or crepey finish. Under powder this concealer doesn’t budge but still looks bright and radiant, just as the name promises.

Set and bake. The best way to enhance any foundation/concealer combo is by locking it in with a luminous yet mattifying powder. The Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder by Nars is the perfect companion to the Radiant Creamy Concealer so I like to focus the application under the eyes, on and around the nose, and on the center of the forehead and chin. On the other areas of the face where I prefer to minimize the appearance of shine I apply Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder, a matte and long-lasting powder.Shopbar

Written and Curated for the LCC by Emilie Louizides

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