Beach Essentials | Summer Reading Checklist

beachessentials_reading beachessentials_reading6 beachessentials4 beachessentials_reading2 beachessentials_reading5 beachessentials3 So after settling back into the swing of things after the craziest past month (more on that here) I’ve realized how much of a bad blogger I’ve been. Foster, Harrison and I had such a good time shooting the #LCCSummerEssentials and I was so excited to share all of the photos and posts we had planned out! I wrote up a draft of this post but apparently was so excited I forgot to schedule it… Whoops! Anyway, reading is a huge essential for me when I go to the beach. Most of the time I just bring magazines and lookbooks, but this summer specifically I’ve been trying to read more novels. I picked The Vacationers up when it was first released but kept finding excuses on why not to dive in. Reading can just be the perfect escape though and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this entrancing book!

I really enjoyed finding out what the ladies of two of my favorite blogs are reading, Emma and Mae recommended some great reads! What are you reading this summer?

Photos by Foster White

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