Around Savannah | Stopover Music Festival

stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock4 stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock2 stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock5 stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock3 stopover_savannah_musicfestival_venue_band_artist_indie_rock1 I thought it’d be fun to share some shots from Savannah Stopover two weeks ago. Every year Harrison’s dad comes down for the weekend and we all have a splendid time. I am truly blessed with all the visitors we have encountered this past year! It really is an awesome time and a praised break from finals here at SCAD. Attending these shows and enjoying bonding time with two of my favorite men might have just saved me this year.

If you’re not familiar with Savannah Stopover you can find more info over on their website or over on Harrison’s blog post!

Photos by Harrison Albert

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