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All The Things: A New Chapter in Life & For Lights Camera Catwalk

Well, I’m back. I haven’t hit publish on a blog post since March of 2018. Holy cow. And boy, how things have changed. (You might be able to tell from the intro photo of this post!) Like, so much so I don’t even know where to start. So, please hang in there with me as I might ramble.

Let’s rewind to May 2018.

This blog sort of died off in the months between March and May of 2018. When I launched my online shop, Magnolia Rifle, I quickly became entranced with how much I missed the business of fashion. (Yes, that’s what I studied way back when in college.) One thing led to another, and my mom and I decided to team up to open a storefront and fulfill our dreams of owning a boutique together. I am so happy we did! Lots more coming in this department, but just wanted to fill in what’s been going on professionally. Now, let’s catch up on the personal side of life.

We bought a house, and we’re having a baby!

Like I mentioned, we’ve been busy! This past winter we found out we were expecting. (Completely unexpectedly, I might add.) Life is known to throw us our fair share of curveballs, and this has been the best one by far. We are so excited to welcome baby Colton Charles Albert into our family later this month. Yep, I’m 36 weeks as I type this, HA, nothing short of crazy around these parts! Even before we found out about baby, our next step was to start house shopping… let’s just say we sped up that decision a little bit. We settled on our new (and first!) home this past May. I’m excited to share more content on this as well!

So, what does this mean for the blog and why am I back?

As I mentioned above, this blog sort of died off because my passions shifted. I was reignited with my love for the boutique industry, and quite honestly professionally blogging had burnt me out. I lacked motivation and inspiration to create content, and was done with the pressure this blog put on me. (Or I put on myself?) But did it have to be that way? No. Once I realized that, I realized maybe I could come back to blogging… when I was ready.

Mom and I are at an amazing place with the boutique. We are entering our second holiday season, and although we’ve had many hurdles to overcome, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the small business tunnel. Don’t get me wrong, we still have bad days, bills to pay, etc., but we’re at a place that is a lot more comfortable. I’ve found myself missing a safe space to share my thoughts, a space where I can create just to create, and really just blogging in general! Alas, I knew it was time to come back.

So here we are! However, you may have noticed this little corner of the internet is no longer called Lights Camera Catwalk and it definitely doesn’t look the same. Lights Camera Catwalk was a name I came up with in high school. Throughout college, and after my first big rebrand, I shortened it to “The LCC.” But what does that mean to me? Nothing… Just an acronym. So I went to the drawing board and tried to find a name that encompasses me. Once the name was decided, I chose to try to redo the site myself. I still have a ton of work to do, things I want to tackle, but I’m actually enjoying the process! Stay tuned as the site starts to evolve and take it’s shape over the next few days/weeks. You might notice the biggest change will be the URL (once I gather up the guts to tackle that, I’m so afraid something might go wrong!), but don’t worry, all of my old posts and archives are not going anywhere.

All The Things was born.

So, without further ado, welcome to my new-and-improved corner of the internet; All The Things, A Blog By Taylor Harman. I am the type of person that wants to be doing all the things. I want to see all the things. And I’ve been that way ever since I can remember. All these things I plan to talk to you about — style, beauty, motherhood, homeownership, owning a small business with my mom — they all give me purpose. I want to share them all with you! I hope you’re excited to be back here with me. If you’ve followed since the Lights Camera Catwalk days, I thank you. Without knowing it, you honestly helped me through some of my darkest days. You supported my way through college. You helped me become the woman I am today. (And you mom, can’t forget you!)

I am excited to be here. I am excited to write again. I am excited to treat this little blog as whatever it manifests itself to be, and not like a business like before. I’m just overjoyed to be refueling this love of blogging.

Photos by Nate Bittinger

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  1. Yagmur wrote:

    You are ALL things. So proud of my bestie!!

    Published 10.5.19
  2. Sue Kelly wrote:

    Happy to see you are back to blogging! You have so many talents!

    Published 10.5.19
  3. Wo Wo👍 wrote:

    Spot on so proud of what you have done with your life so far but somehow I knew you would your dad would be so proud of you and so happy about this little boy coming into the world I hope you continue to be successful at all you do and I know you will by the way did you know that poodles are the smartest dogs out there I do love you with all my heart The rest of it will all fall into place you’re going to get a new name it’s called mother and you’re in for a real treat good luck to you and all you and Harrison do I know you will make it in a big way God bless you both love you lots 😍. Wo Wo🍼🍼🍼👼🏻

    Published 10.5.19