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6 Food Blogs You Should Be Following

Food_Blogs_You_Should_be_followingRemember when I shared my favorite lifestyle blogs and why you should be doing more than just scrolling through them?  As promised, I’m back today with my top six food bloggers! I have to be honest, I don’t follow that many solely food bloggers. I’m more of a lifestyle gal, therefor many of the blogs I follow are lifestyle. BUT, that doesn’t mean they don’t post great food and drink inspiration! So without further ado..

Design Love Fest – The first is a blog I’ve been following since the tumblr days. I think I connect with Bri so much due to our mutual love for graphics and design. I love that all of her content you can see that shine through. She posts lots of delicious and impeccably styled recipes, from healthy to indulgent desserts!

The Butter Half – This is Abbey’s rather new blog that I found from following her original Along Abbey Road. I actually made this Butternut Squash soup recipe and it was so good! Her puns are pretty funny too..

The Kentucky Gent – Josh is a lifestyle blogger, and I have to say I love seeing his different content everyday. He has a really distinct style that shines though, and excellent photography skills when it comes to his recipes! I love his drink recipes particularly. (Fun fact: Josh is the only men’s blogger I’ve ever met IRL!)

Bethcakes – I was so excited to meet Beth at the Southern Blog Society Conference last summer. She’s one of the few soley food bloggers I follow. I can personally attest that each and every recipe she shares is SO good!

Brit + Co – This isn’t necessary a food blog, but I love going here to find lots of inspiration when it comes to the kitchen. They post great round ups in many categories.

Eat Better Not Less – I discovered this blog via Pinterest, and have been reading ever since. I changed my eating habits and frankly entire lifestyle awhile ago (read about that here!), and this blog is a great source of knowledge when it comes to eating healthy.

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  1. Amanda wrote:

    What a great group of blogs! I think you’ve shared some gems here!

    xo, Amanda

    Published 1.10.16
    • Taylor wrote:

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


      Published 1.11.16