10 Things I Learned At Art School

10 things I learned at art school @SCADdotedu

So, remember when I shared my takeaways from freshman year? Well I promised I’d share a similar post after every year, and well here we are halfway through senior year and I haven’t held up my end of that promise. When SCAD asked me to share my takeaways from my time here over on their blog I thought this would be the perfect chance. Be sure to check out my guest post, as well as my full answer to that big question below. 

  1. Not everyone knows what “Fashion Marketing” means. I still to this day get scuffs or get asked, “Now what are you going to do with that degree?” Fashion Marketing is so much more then just liking clothes- we eat, breath, speak, everything fashion. I’ve learned that people are going to think what they think, but the work we produce as students continues to amaze even the doubtful.
  2. Utilize the resources our amazing school offers. As soon as I get home for breaks I think of these creative ideas that I might actually have time to execute, but then I have to remember that I don’t have the computer labs or resources at my fingertips that I’m used to. One part of graduation I’m not looking forward to is losing all of that!
  3. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. I can’t say this enough!! The majority of the curriculum in FASM is group projects, but I’m not just talking about within your major. The projects that I’ve gotten the most out of have been the ones that I’ve collaborated with people from other majors! It’s always so inspiring and incredible to see the outcome!
  4. It’s true, you go to college to “find yourself.” Growing up I always thought this was such a cliche, but SCAD has truly allowed me to find myself. The amazing people, getting to do what I love, the professors, it all allows you to find the best version of yourself and for that I am thankful.
  5. Go to ALL the events/lectures you can. I know most of the time Netflix sounds more appealing, but trust me once you get there you won’t regret it. SCAD works tirelessly to curate the best movers and shakers from your industry so don’t you want to know why they’re doing all of this? Plus this leads me to my next point…
  6. You never know when or where you’re going to make a connection. Networking is everything people! Just by talking and making conversation you might be able to make a connection.
  7. Surround yourself with only the best. My mom always told me that the friends I met in college would probably be my friends for life. And she was right, I quickly became best friends with everyone in my hall freshman year. Four years later, four of us live in a little house next to Forsyth, love life, and would do anything for each other.
  8. The professors are here to help you. We would be no where if it wasn’t for the amazing professors and faculty here at SCAD. You have to remember they aren’t your enemies but your friends. They only want the best for you.
  9. Social media is our friend. I touched on networking, but what’s better than free/almost effortless networking? Creating a branded, authentic, and consistent social media account can help in so many ways to get your name out there. Remember to use hashtags, tag people and post at the most engaging times!
  10. You learn FAST how to dress for the weather. I have never in my life seen such inconsistent weather. You quickly learn how to layer, carry your rain jacket and boots in your car, and of course how to save your hair from the humidity (don’t worry, still figuring that one out, too.)
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